Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bio Essence, Celebrity's Choice (Sponsored Review)

A package came for me again~ Hello there TSS!~ 

and it was... Bio essence!!~ 

Well is nothing new to me, I been using Bio-essence slimming products since last year because of cosplay. 
and before they came out with the extra strength product, I already feel that the normal one was awesome!
I already recommended this product to many of my cosplay friends!  
and in fact they told me it work 8D!~ 
whats the + point? it smells nice, and is easy to apply!!! 

so one thing I hate... My arms!!! SO SO SO SO HATE MY ARMS!! 
Currently taken yesterday, measurements 25cm. BLEH!! 
I always feel is so flabby! 
Well opps I guess is because I stop using the products for quite a while already!

so yes Im really sad!!! :< Need to get back in shape! since cosplayers always want a good nice figure! 

So given the chance now! Im trying out the new extra strength from Bio-essence!!

Currently measure, arms : 25cm , thighs : 46.5cm and waist 82.5cm. 
lets see how much it burn my fats!!!
The perviouse one I use always burn prob 3 - 5 cm after 10days 8D!~ 
however Im also so happy that i went to eat more and then i think i gain back all the fats. NUUU!!

So I will update this post again about my lost!! I HOPE IT LOST A LOT 8D! 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Licence 2 Play 2011

Taken by Ryusei 

Long over due post again!
I was cosing ranka lee on L2P day 2 this year... it was super last min and the costume + wig was vic. 
rofl thanks vic again!! reason because saku was doing sheryl and needed a partner. 
Well I was thinking if I should cos or not already but heck! 

Next 3 shots taken by Terence!


Anyway thought I won't cosplay ranka anymore but I still did.. rofl! 
And saku ask me to wear heels!! end up I was taller than her! ROFL
so half the time I was bending down! 
I guess some people don't get it and took unglam shots of me bending half way! .-."" 

Or doing shots like this to make me look shorter =X 

It was fun cosplaying ranka again but I look totally shag! 
AND I BLAME IT ON KONGBAPAO!! I sleep super later the previous day and I think I was super shag!
must must sleep earlier... or don't play rift till so late in order to not look shag.. 
i think my eye bags are really dark already T-T!

Change out quite early!!! and had dinner with vic, jes and a lot of other people XD!

over had fun, but still shag xD!!! 
'Day 1 was better for me because I didn't cosplay and wore my liz lisa instead  ♥!~ hee 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Why is the title Prevview? nope I didn't made a mistake in my spelling! 
Is the new Visume Wars online!!
Basically is like a Video resume which is like  an interactive manner that breaks the barrier between employers and jobseekers. 

well whats that? take a look at this video first. 

oh yeah is your local ah beng loan shark alright! 
Well think you can be better than him?! Im sure a lot of people can! 

So a lot of people is taking part! 
have over 8105 points! .-. woah dude! don't spoil the toy car! 

ok this guy beat everyone.. 
10860points  woah thats alot. 
is a war I tell you! 

however this is really cool because you could win yourself a job! 
Well something like a online interview? rofl!!
however I think people wants the iPad 2 more :P!!

Ok so those who wanna get a iPad... no wait more like a job! Go join this competition 8D! 
Tell me I will vote for you 8D!~ 

I bet some people will really come out with some creative ideas 8D!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

My best friend 21 birthday party!

Is boring to just keep blogging about product every time so I shall not!

So blogging about my best friend 21 birthday which was long due! 

Behold! The birthday girl!~  love you babe!

Went early to help Cassie do her makeup since is her 21st!! 
and I know she doesn't like those really heavy eye shadow kind.
so did a light look for her!! And I intro to fake eyelash, hur hur hur! 
I am so totally sold to fake eyelash now x-x!

She wanted her party to be like a rock and star like of theme! 
so there was like music notes and stars around! 

her brother and his fiance help her prepare the decoration, which was so sweet!!!

and her Birthday cake got like a star plate! 

With Stephanie!!~ 

and of course I can't forget MELISSA! 

Sec school classmate and still keep in contact!!~ Hee 

Met up with friends again~

Love my KC babes!~ 
sadly some of them came later :< and I needed to go early...

she totally love her glowing 21! which she , her father and brother help to do from scratch! Totally awesome!

who can forget forrester!!!! 

and also pat!! didn't know she was in the same school XD 

also met her rp friends~ really nice people!

Cassie you are 21!!! YOU ARE ADULT NOW!!! Go and have fun with your freedom!
I will catch up in 6 months time!! then we go watch R21 movie ROFL! 
I do not know how long have we been waiting for this year well is finally here. 
and now somehow I feel that I WANT TO BE YOUNG AGAIN! 
Oh well better enjoy my life to the fullest!! hopefully the world doesn't end so soon !! 

Monday, 20 June 2011

Holika Holika Aqua Splash!

Found this really cool brand at wisma 2 months ago! 
Is called... HOLIKA HOLIKA! Which came from korea. 
So you an say is like etude house and The face shop. 
However what I really like about holika is that the brand is soo cute!!!
The logo is a witch and is soo magical!
here their Korean Website !

such a pretty logo! 
And you know whats the meaning of it? It means ' Beauty-HOLIC; :O!!~ 

So I went in and take a look at their products, Makeup seems really appealing in cute packaging! 
I will try it one day!! 
My classmate, Eleanor, told me is her favorite brand and is good 8D!! So yea I will try it!!
Was looking around and spotted their Aqua splash range. 

So you got that right! I bought their toner! 
I didn't really wanted to try their cream yet because I am still using my aunts one. 
also for many years I never use toner and I didn't feel I need to. 
However my aunt told me is good to use a toner for my face since it close the pore! 
But I never found a toner that was right for my skin and fit my liking. 
So I was taking a risk! I was going to try this out and hopefully it was perfect for my skin!

the box!!~ 

I GOT A POTION HEE!! I am so going to wash it and play with it or use for cosplay when I finish it!

And yup I am very happy about my purchase!!! 
After using it for 1 time! I already love it!! It didn't make my face icky or sticky or very tight feeling. 
It has a nice cooling effect, It smells great!! ( love the smell XD) and after awhile my face feel really smooth! 

The bottle really make me feel like drinking it and make me feel like Im in a game XD!

however it make me wonder... If potion bottles were like this in games... 
and we spam it during PVP or RAIDS or whenever in need. 
I wonder how will it work in the real world! ROFL
Like one hand drinking the pot while casting a spell or fighting with your sword! 
then for those people who use two hand weapons.. Pfftt!!! I don't even want to think about it!

I feel that is not much cons for this product! I love the smell, the texture, and the after effect feeling!! 
One toner that I will buy again! 

XD!~ And thats my review for the toner!!
My bf bought a facial wash from them to and he is telling me how good it is compare to the previous one he use which is loreal!!
So this brand has a lot of potential of being one of my favorite brand soon!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Kapibara-san in taiwan

Recently when I go overseas I will bring one small kapibara along to keep me company at night!
I want something to hug!!! so yea this time I bought Christmas kapibara along! ( the rest was a bit too bulky) 
and well cupcake kapibara already went to shanghai... 

and I forgot to take photo of kapibara san in shanghai!! It was really funny to see that everyday kapibara san change place because the house keeper was playing with it! 

So this time, I took some pictures when I was in taiwan! 

2nd day ( first house keeping)  kapibara san was on the bed on top of the kapibara blanket! 

At least kapibara san clothes was still there! 

Day 3! (Housing keep day 2) 

ok, prob the person didn't know how to put it back. 
but it was really funny when I told my sister and she was like...
" your plushie got raped....." 

Day 4 (housing keep day 3 ) 

I have no idea what happen.. and I do not want to know what happen... 
just know that I found it hiding under the blanket like that.. 
well around there.. it was a bit neater. 

I shall not bring Christmas kapibara to taiwan for a long time... prob will bring halloween kapibara.. 

or maybe bakery kapibara... she really want to travel! 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ginvera review!~

Recently The sample shop gave me a sample of Ginvera lastest BB cream and Aqua whitening cream! 


Personally I do not use BB cream, Because it always gave me a out break. 
After I tried 3 brands of BB cream and all give me up break, I told myself I won't use BB cream anymore! 
However Ginvera gave me a sample size so I really wanted to try and put all my hopes on to it!

With only the BB cream on! 

I was amaze at the courage! however is a bit too watery for my liking! 
But wow! Didn't expect this BB cream to blend into my skin! 
At that point I was really putting up hopes already! 
I put on makeup around 11am! 

and at 12mid night!~ It still intact!! Yayness! 

<3 and thus I fell in love with the BB cream.. 
Now it have been  4 days! And no break out! 
The BB green even has a green tea smell, so is not smelly at all!! 
However I still do not like how watery it is >< thats all!

Next up! AQUA WHITENING CREAM (with Oil Control)

Rofl photoshop the product in XD!
It is not that big!!
It says that this product help lighten acne marks. lighten spots and provides all day hydration! 
Been trying it these days and I feel that product is a bit oily for my liking :

 I hate singapore weather!!! 

and because of the weather.. I always feel that my skin is not well hydrated! 
So lucky I have this product to help me hydrate my skin!! 
I don't really see the lightening effect yet, however I always feel that I need to use it for a month to see the results! 
But nonetheless, it has a good smell and it doesn't irritates my skin!!~ 

After trying out the product.. I have a feeling I will buy the BB cream :X!! 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Taiwan Day 4!

Is my final day in taiwan.. and is shopping again! 
However we went to somewhere near instead.

So first up is lunch! My sister and I got sick tired of taiwan food already so we decided to have raman instead!

Went to one of the raman store and wanted to tried their signature dish.
but it was soya sauce raman.. and it kinda turn us off
so we tried something else..

Sea salt raman... Something that me and my sister was ugh!!

Mine was Mahla Miso Raman.
Their spicy-ness is the towards the steamboat kind..
and with miso soup base.
I maed the right choice 8D! Taste great and I ate everything!
While my sister suffer with hers :x

After lunch, my parents told us that we are not allow to get out of the shopping centre. 
Somehow, we were in a middle of a national drill. 
The whole of taiwan will stop whatever they are doing for 30mins. 
Since we are indoors, we are not allow to go out and see whats going on. 
All exits was block by the staff and we were in the taiwan main trains station, so we took a look at the ticket section, it was dull, no people around and empty. 

I ask one of the store shop keeper whats going on, she told me it happens once or twice every year. 
A national drill that will help calm themselves if there is ever a terrorist bombing or something else. 
Really amazing how everyone actually stop and listen. 
She say trains, bus, taxi, cars. Everyone is not allow to move. 
The fire man , police and army will be around the town doing their drill.
Really wanted to see the action :

One of the taxi driver say, take this time to relax, many of them went to sit down at a nearby shop and had a coffee and rest awhile. Is something like a break for them from work. 
I guess they are also grateful of this. 

I was truly amaze that a country so big can do something and everyone is following.. 
now Im wondeirng why singapore didn't have such thing. 

After everything was done and we can go out to the sunlight again!
We went to the hotel that my aunt was staying and my family was suppose to stay!
My mom book too early and miss the deal! 


And there was a shopping centre next to it! 

and guess what... THERE IS A LIZ LISA THERE TOO 8D!~ 
however I already bomb myself so no buying! 

Went to have cake at nice coffee place~ 

Chocolate ~ mmm 

my mom strawberry tart! 

we then wanted to go somewhere else to shop.
And I saw this at the train station toilet. 
It tells you which is in use, empty, in service!
rofl! something I wish that singapore toilets have!!
so that you actually know if you need to queue or not LOL 

Some street food!!!~ 

but fattening! 

went xi men ting again... and DID MY HAIR! 
omg!! for all days to do my hair! when I didn't put makeup because I woke up late T-T!! 

so went here to cut my hair! They have a lot of hair stylist! and have over 4 floors!! 

once you see this store, is just opposite!

they were nice 8D and let me use their wireless!! 
Yay for ipad with facebook and twitter!~ hee 

The guy who did my hair! 

ok a photo of my without any makeup on!
I know my eye bags are bad D8 
*image broken* ROFL 
and he did it really fast too!!
Edit: Ps forgot to put the price! 
Is only 300TW 8D 
so for wash and blow is $12!! 
for my sister she cut , wash and blow is $16!!! 
8D cheap or what!!~ 
I forgot the price for dyeing hair :< but I think is cheaper than singapore!  

wanted to take a photo of him but he say he prefer to take it with me! 
His name is Alan and he gave me his namecard. 
Rofl and he ask me to add him on FB!

=X want to see? here somehow I like wow he is cute and all LOL!!! damn! XD 

so anyway! this was the loot for me that day!! 

And that end my taiwan trip!!! Really had a lot of fun! 
A lot of shopping! and A lot of great food! 
Would want to go back there again !!!!~~~ 
Maybe next year ^^!~