Bio Essence, Celebrity's Choice (Sponsored Review)

A package came for me again~ Hello there TSS!~ 

and it was... Bio essence!!~ 

Well is nothing new to me, I been using Bio-essence slimming products since last year because of cosplay. 
and before they came out with the extra strength product, I already feel that the normal one was awesome!
I already recommended this product to many of my cosplay friends!  
and in fact they told me it work 8D!~ 
whats the + point? it smells nice, and is easy to apply!!! 

so one thing I hate... My arms!!! SO SO SO SO HATE MY ARMS!! 
Currently taken yesterday, measurements 25cm. BLEH!! 
I always feel is so flabby! 
Well opps I guess is because I stop using the products for quite a while already!

so yes Im really sad!!! :< Need to get back in shape! since cosplayers always want a good nice figure! 

So given the chance now! Im trying out the new extra strength from Bio-essence!!

Currently measure, arms : 25cm , thighs : 46.5cm and waist 82.5cm. 
lets see how much it burn my fats!!!
The perviouse one I use always burn prob 3 - 5 cm after 10days 8D!~ 
however Im also so happy that i went to eat more and then i think i gain back all the fats. NUUU!!

So I will update this post again about my lost!! I HOPE IT LOST A LOT 8D! 


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