Ginvera review!~

Recently The sample shop gave me a sample of Ginvera lastest BB cream and Aqua whitening cream! 


Personally I do not use BB cream, Because it always gave me a out break. 
After I tried 3 brands of BB cream and all give me up break, I told myself I won't use BB cream anymore! 
However Ginvera gave me a sample size so I really wanted to try and put all my hopes on to it!

With only the BB cream on! 

I was amaze at the courage! however is a bit too watery for my liking! 
But wow! Didn't expect this BB cream to blend into my skin! 
At that point I was really putting up hopes already! 
I put on makeup around 11am! 

and at 12mid night!~ It still intact!! Yayness! 

<3 and thus I fell in love with the BB cream.. 
Now it have been  4 days! And no break out! 
The BB green even has a green tea smell, so is not smelly at all!! 
However I still do not like how watery it is >< thats all!

Next up! AQUA WHITENING CREAM (with Oil Control)

Rofl photoshop the product in XD!
It is not that big!!
It says that this product help lighten acne marks. lighten spots and provides all day hydration! 
Been trying it these days and I feel that product is a bit oily for my liking :

 I hate singapore weather!!! 

and because of the weather.. I always feel that my skin is not well hydrated! 
So lucky I have this product to help me hydrate my skin!! 
I don't really see the lightening effect yet, however I always feel that I need to use it for a month to see the results! 
But nonetheless, it has a good smell and it doesn't irritates my skin!!~ 

After trying out the product.. I have a feeling I will buy the BB cream :X!! 


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