Hello Kitty Cafe in Taiwan Day 3

After many years of waiting! I finally went to the Hello Kitty Cafe in taiwan! 

always want to experience dining there! 
So this post will be about the cafe~
Cozy little place which is really crowded!


Something I notice for every shop in taiwan, They leave their umbrellas outside the shop. 
Well if there is too many it become like that. And they won't steal your umbrellas, pretty awesome. 
Since in singapore, You take it everywhere with you. This is one thing that you wont get the shop wet!

Really a pink place with full of hello kitty, totally a place for girls an family! 

Looks really sweet and classy!!~

Pretty pink chair for you to seat while waiting for your turn!

waiting for my turn to be seated~

There is something to take note when going to the cafe, At lunch period is best to reserve a table as there is a lot of people and they won't give you a seat. 
Their lunch period if I remember is from 11am - 2pm or 2.30pm only. After that main course wont be server and there will be only dessert and drinks. 

at the front counter where they display all the cakes~ Really pretty decoration.

Really cute cakes~~~ I was too full to try one thou >< probly next time!

Our table~ for two, Was dating my mom that day XD

a big table for at least 10 seater~

We went up to the second floor, and it was pretty nice too! However I prefer the first floor chairs, Way cuter!

And I also wanted to see the toilet!!~ Hee it must be cute too!

The toilet have a chair for you to seat, and camwhore LOL!!! Ok thats for me XD! but really nice princess like chair~

Time for the food~ 
We bought a set which is around  500 tw which is around $20 :O!!!

There is salad, Soup with bread, Appetizer, Main course, Dessert and Drink. 
Seriously.. one food course already. Is really filling too. 
Can't find this price at singapore!

The first dish~ Salad. 

My mom's Coffee with a cute hello kitty cup!

Next up, soup~ 

Hello kitty bread with pumpkin soup~ 

And then my strawberry milkshake came! Should have order the ice one instead ><

My appetizer~ Smoked salmon!!! 

and my mom's! Escargot!! and it was pretty good!

and my main course came!! Hello kitty burger! and I really like it ^-^

My mom main~ Seafood baked rice! 

The ice milkshake from the next door neighborer
My mom can tell they are from Singapore and started talking to them !

And the dessert of the day!!! PUDDING! 
was seeing a guy keep on shaking his pudding to take a photo .-. 

and the other girl drink, it taste like rose and is topped with icecream and whipped cream! 
The red colour ice you see there is a shape of a hello kitty!!!

Overall experience is awesome, I like the place! Ok I am a pink person too and everything was cute. 
The food didn't really let me down so I was happy! 
and being it cheap was a good thing to! 
A place that I would want to go to if there is one in singapore! 

Will be posting about the photos I took and the girls I met there after this! 


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