Holika Holika Aqua Splash!

Found this really cool brand at wisma 2 months ago! 
Is called... HOLIKA HOLIKA! Which came from korea. 
So you an say is like etude house and The face shop. 
However what I really like about holika is that the brand is soo cute!!!
The logo is a witch and is soo magical!
here their Korean Website !

such a pretty logo! 
And you know whats the meaning of it? It means ' Beauty-HOLIC; :O!!~ 

So I went in and take a look at their products, Makeup seems really appealing in cute packaging! 
I will try it one day!! 
My classmate, Eleanor, told me is her favorite brand and is good 8D!! So yea I will try it!!
Was looking around and spotted their Aqua splash range. 

So you got that right! I bought their toner! 
I didn't really wanted to try their cream yet because I am still using my aunts one. 
also for many years I never use toner and I didn't feel I need to. 
However my aunt told me is good to use a toner for my face since it close the pore! 
But I never found a toner that was right for my skin and fit my liking. 
So I was taking a risk! I was going to try this out and hopefully it was perfect for my skin!

the box!!~ 

I GOT A POTION HEE!! I am so going to wash it and play with it or use for cosplay when I finish it!

And yup I am very happy about my purchase!!! 
After using it for 1 time! I already love it!! It didn't make my face icky or sticky or very tight feeling. 
It has a nice cooling effect, It smells great!! ( love the smell XD) and after awhile my face feel really smooth! 

The bottle really make me feel like drinking it and make me feel like Im in a game XD!

however it make me wonder... If potion bottles were like this in games... 
and we spam it during PVP or RAIDS or whenever in need. 
I wonder how will it work in the real world! ROFL
Like one hand drinking the pot while casting a spell or fighting with your sword! 
then for those people who use two hand weapons.. Pfftt!!! I don't even want to think about it!

I feel that is not much cons for this product! I love the smell, the texture, and the after effect feeling!! 
One toner that I will buy again! 

XD!~ And thats my review for the toner!!
My bf bought a facial wash from them to and he is telling me how good it is compare to the previous one he use which is loreal!!
So this brand has a lot of potential of being one of my favorite brand soon!!!


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