Licence 2 Play 2011

Taken by Ryusei 

Long over due post again!
I was cosing ranka lee on L2P day 2 this year... it was super last min and the costume + wig was vic. 
rofl thanks vic again!! reason because saku was doing sheryl and needed a partner. 
Well I was thinking if I should cos or not already but heck! 

Next 3 shots taken by Terence!


Anyway thought I won't cosplay ranka anymore but I still did.. rofl! 
And saku ask me to wear heels!! end up I was taller than her! ROFL
so half the time I was bending down! 
I guess some people don't get it and took unglam shots of me bending half way! .-."" 

Or doing shots like this to make me look shorter =X 

It was fun cosplaying ranka again but I look totally shag! 
AND I BLAME IT ON KONGBAPAO!! I sleep super later the previous day and I think I was super shag!
must must sleep earlier... or don't play rift till so late in order to not look shag.. 
i think my eye bags are really dark already T-T!

Change out quite early!!! and had dinner with vic, jes and a lot of other people XD!

over had fun, but still shag xD!!! 
'Day 1 was better for me because I didn't cosplay and wore my liz lisa instead  ♥!~ hee 


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