My best friend 21 birthday party!

Is boring to just keep blogging about product every time so I shall not!

So blogging about my best friend 21 birthday which was long due! 

Behold! The birthday girl!~  love you babe!

Went early to help Cassie do her makeup since is her 21st!! 
and I know she doesn't like those really heavy eye shadow kind.
so did a light look for her!! And I intro to fake eyelash, hur hur hur! 
I am so totally sold to fake eyelash now x-x!

She wanted her party to be like a rock and star like of theme! 
so there was like music notes and stars around! 

her brother and his fiance help her prepare the decoration, which was so sweet!!!

and her Birthday cake got like a star plate! 

With Stephanie!!~ 

and of course I can't forget MELISSA! 

Sec school classmate and still keep in contact!!~ Hee 

Met up with friends again~

Love my KC babes!~ 
sadly some of them came later :< and I needed to go early...

she totally love her glowing 21! which she , her father and brother help to do from scratch! Totally awesome!

who can forget forrester!!!! 

and also pat!! didn't know she was in the same school XD 

also met her rp friends~ really nice people!

Cassie you are 21!!! YOU ARE ADULT NOW!!! Go and have fun with your freedom!
I will catch up in 6 months time!! then we go watch R21 movie ROFL! 
I do not know how long have we been waiting for this year well is finally here. 
and now somehow I feel that I WANT TO BE YOUNG AGAIN! 
Oh well better enjoy my life to the fullest!! hopefully the world doesn't end so soon !! 


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