Still got much more...

Still got a lot of things to blog about!!
Day 4 in Taiwan!! A small shoot I did last sat! My best friend 21st birthday!! L2P event!!
Some stuff I bought again :x!!~  Sponsors products and makeup!!
Oh my a whole big list is piling up!! 

However what have been taken up my time? 
meeting a lot of buyers and people..
and playing RIFT !!! 
I will want to blog about RIFT too!!! omg awesome game!!~

recently I also bought mezaik fiber and trying them on!! hopefully I know how to works.. I was staring at it the other day.

and i need to rush on my cosfest costume and props already!! 
oh no!! 3 - 2 more weeks only.. DIES!! 

well will blog tml or something XD 


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