Taiwan Day 3 in the night

After being to hello kitty and liz lisa, there was still more shopping ahead for me!

Firstly my mom, sister and I went to the shopping area near our hotel. 

underground mall anyone~ 
However there is one thing bad about this mall.. when smelly tofu is in.. THE SMELL STAYS INSIDE .-.

Anyway, Just inside this mall, I bought all these mask!! 
Since there was a sale going on, in a shop something like watson. 
2 for 1 and 1 for 1!! Awesome deal!! and one box only cost $8!! <3 

Got these shoes too!!~ Now I need to tame the shoe.. It keep biting my leg and all the blister came again.
Anyone know how to tame new shoes so that it wont give you blister?!?!?

After that we went to have dinner! 
At Ximengting, a place where everyone said that the meesua is awesome! 
This is the shop name if you ever what to go to! 

Always crowded! Always got queue. 
However there is no tables but chairs. so you sit and hold the bowl and eat. 
still.. there is a very big crowd and people don't mind.
For me, I prefer to have a table.. because Im scared of spilling. 
But I was slurping it instead like a soup!

After dinner we went to walk around and I found this! 

A anime shop in Taiwan! Seems to be really popular and have a lot of goodies! 
Check it out, and found out that is like a manga + Cospa + merchandise shop. 

Wanted to buy so many things there!! But resist... Or else I will buy alot of things already! 

So I guess this is one place for otakus to come!

A little snack while shopping~
Is roti parta with some sauce.. 
what I can say is not bad.. but YOU KNOW IS FATTENING! 

Somehow the whole group got hungry.. so my mom ask a local where is good to go for supper. 
And then they direct us to this place. 
Seems to be really crowded at 12am...

Forgot to take the picture outside because I was shag already. 
BUT OMG!! THE FOOD IS GOOD! need to get the address from my mom! 

I ate finish the veggie ( surprising! ) The fish was really damn nice! 
The sotong with sweet and chili cause was awesome! 
almost everything was good!! 
And one thing that everyone want to know? 
IS CHEAP!!! need to check with my mom again! XD 

The group went high and they started to buy alcohol! 

Went soo high.. and then I feel my dad was drunk.. 
he even got a flower on his ear.. 
Ok he is drunk! 
Lucky my mom is not because she can take it!

Next post will be about my last day in taiwan! 
I think by day 3 I spend around 700 - 800 already thanks to liz lisa! 


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