Taiwan Day 4!

Is my final day in taiwan.. and is shopping again! 
However we went to somewhere near instead.

So first up is lunch! My sister and I got sick tired of taiwan food already so we decided to have raman instead!

Went to one of the raman store and wanted to tried their signature dish.
but it was soya sauce raman.. and it kinda turn us off
so we tried something else..

Sea salt raman... Something that me and my sister was ugh!!

Mine was Mahla Miso Raman.
Their spicy-ness is the towards the steamboat kind..
and with miso soup base.
I maed the right choice 8D! Taste great and I ate everything!
While my sister suffer with hers :x

After lunch, my parents told us that we are not allow to get out of the shopping centre. 
Somehow, we were in a middle of a national drill. 
The whole of taiwan will stop whatever they are doing for 30mins. 
Since we are indoors, we are not allow to go out and see whats going on. 
All exits was block by the staff and we were in the taiwan main trains station, so we took a look at the ticket section, it was dull, no people around and empty. 

I ask one of the store shop keeper whats going on, she told me it happens once or twice every year. 
A national drill that will help calm themselves if there is ever a terrorist bombing or something else. 
Really amazing how everyone actually stop and listen. 
She say trains, bus, taxi, cars. Everyone is not allow to move. 
The fire man , police and army will be around the town doing their drill.
Really wanted to see the action :

One of the taxi driver say, take this time to relax, many of them went to sit down at a nearby shop and had a coffee and rest awhile. Is something like a break for them from work. 
I guess they are also grateful of this. 

I was truly amaze that a country so big can do something and everyone is following.. 
now Im wondeirng why singapore didn't have such thing. 

After everything was done and we can go out to the sunlight again!
We went to the hotel that my aunt was staying and my family was suppose to stay!
My mom book too early and miss the deal! 


And there was a shopping centre next to it! 

and guess what... THERE IS A LIZ LISA THERE TOO 8D!~ 
however I already bomb myself so no buying! 

Went to have cake at nice coffee place~ 

Chocolate ~ mmm 

my mom strawberry tart! 

we then wanted to go somewhere else to shop.
And I saw this at the train station toilet. 
It tells you which is in use, empty, in service!
rofl! something I wish that singapore toilets have!!
so that you actually know if you need to queue or not LOL 

Some street food!!!~ 

but fattening! 

went xi men ting again... and DID MY HAIR! 
omg!! for all days to do my hair! when I didn't put makeup because I woke up late T-T!! 

so went here to cut my hair! They have a lot of hair stylist! and have over 4 floors!! 

once you see this store, is just opposite!

they were nice 8D and let me use their wireless!! 
Yay for ipad with facebook and twitter!~ hee 

The guy who did my hair! 

ok a photo of my without any makeup on!
I know my eye bags are bad D8 
*image broken* ROFL 
and he did it really fast too!!
Edit: Ps forgot to put the price! 
Is only 300TW 8D 
so for wash and blow is $12!! 
for my sister she cut , wash and blow is $16!!! 
8D cheap or what!!~ 
I forgot the price for dyeing hair :< but I think is cheaper than singapore!  

wanted to take a photo of him but he say he prefer to take it with me! 
His name is Alan and he gave me his namecard. 
Rofl and he ask me to add him on FB!

=X want to see? here somehow I like wow he is cute and all LOL!!! damn! XD 

so anyway! this was the loot for me that day!! 

And that end my taiwan trip!!! Really had a lot of fun! 
A lot of shopping! and A lot of great food! 
Would want to go back there again !!!!~~~ 
Maybe next year ^^!~ 


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