Saturday, 30 July 2011

Agnes b

My new glasses are here!!~ well it was last week, just didn't blog about it yet!

Somehow my degree went down! I was wearing 4.75 but my degree was only 3.50! OMFG RIGHT! 
But my astgi went up and is totally shit T-T I hate it so much!!! 

However with my new specs and contacts, I feel my vision is clear again!!! XD 
no wonder I was getting headache recently .__. damn

So yes, I bought a Agnes b glasses!! seriously didn't wanted to go branded at first but oh well my friend convince me to ! however I really feel this is the nicest of them all! 

Was choosing the frame and some how I really like this one.. went to so many shop couldn't find another frame that I really like..
went to see so many frames... and see all the brands rofl! end up go back to parkway and get this one which we saw the first time! 

and to me it was really nice, at first I was thinking.. hmm red.. a bit too loud right? but is red and black~ 
Trying something new here!!!

Which I feel the size is just right! Somehow there is so many frame which is really huge.. looks so ugly on me :(

Really nice logo at the side 8D and the other side is a star!!! 

Friday, 29 July 2011

For Claude

Dearest Claude Rui Shen,

Meeting you was one of the best thing that happen in my life. 
You show me something that was never there and give my life a whole new meaning for those years.
Didn't think that we were last so long together as everyday passes so fast with you. 

Met you when I was taking my O levels and you were starting your uni and now you finish uni and going to work. Really time flies. 
with all those dates that we went and games that we play, nothing was more fun to me. 
(probably going out with my friends XD) 

you always surprise me in one way or another, Making me shy or embarrassed! 
But put that aside I was happy. 
From all the past relationship I had there was never one that was like this. 
You accepted me and my hobbies and my likings.

Wanting you to be at my side everyday and every time I think I was asking too much. 
But you still give in to me and be with me. Giving up time just for me.

And to me I was trying to be the perfect girl for you.
I know you always wanted someone smiliar like you... 

I hope I was doing it right because everyday was fun! 
Every time Im with you there is no doubt there was joy inside me! 

One thing about me is about my life style. 
Even though we know that we are really different we really try to make ourselves as similar as possible. 
But I feel sometime opposite attracts more! 

We fight here and there but we always make up. 
I give in and you give in, it was never a big fight for us. 
However you feel that fights are not needed in a relationship but I think it does. 

But putting that aside, I understand you even more and I know what are you likes and dislike. 
you can say that we know each other really well already. 

Many say that you are a good person and that I am really lucky to have you, Thats true! 
I always felt lucky to have you, someone who take in all my shit and never really complaint :P
and to me whoever have you next time if we don't get back together will be a very lucky girl to have you.

A person who is serious for everything he do and want to strife for the best always! 
Something I feel I can't do sometime ._.
You always work so hard and I really admire you in that! 
Someone who will give up something just to get that other thing. 
and I didn't notice what you throw away just to be with me sometime, Im sorry. 
I really appreciated what you did for me, something no one ever did before. 

Even thought we keep saying that we are going to be together forever
and we are going to be happy together, there is probably some things that we just can't change. 
And is that we can't fully change everything in our life and our path...
I wonder if we can actually try to change that path of ours, that fate of ours into something we want...

but I know it will be tough.. it will be rough... and is going to take a lot of effort and sacrifices again. 
however.. is been around 2 weeks since then... and you seems so much happier and better to me..
Maybe I was the one that was holding you back for all the things you wanted to do. 
but nevertheless I would like to thank you, thank you for everything you had given me.

Memories, gifts, time, joy, sadness, happiness, anger, excitement and of course love. 

Forever is such a horrible word sometime... 
but I know you will be in my heart forever.. even if we are not together. 

Saturday, 23 July 2011


In around 2 hrs time I will be flying off to china and then HK!!! 
WOOT!!! and when was this book? Last wed! :P and you imagine! 
My mom suddenly ask me if I want to go overseas! Like hell yeah I do! 
Love how sporting my parents is!! XD
so will be gone from today till Thursday! 

For those who want anything from HK, I will be brining my iphone or ipad , so I will try to come online! 
Will be checking emails too if I can XD! so yea Just sent! 
:P since HK is really cheap for some stuff!!~
Cannot wait to shop till I drop again!!! 

hopefully the time the weather don't kill me.. seriously I wish it was like 22 degree there.. 
:( I will be damn happy!

anyway I still got my bag to pack soo.... See you all soon!! 

Monday, 18 July 2011

SEXY LOOK Duo Lifting Mask (Sponsored Review)

Something great came in this month!!~
and is 

ž The Number One Best Selling 3D Mask in Taiwan!
ž Featured in Famous Taiwanese Beauty Show 《女人我最大》

Thank you Lush group for sponsoring this 2 mask!!! 
And is SexyLook Ultra Whitening Duo Lifting Mask  & SexyLook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask

The Blue one is Pearl x Hyaluronic Acid 

which Brightens and smoothens skin, this 3D Lifting Mask with ear hooks fights against gravity and lift up the skin at your neck, mouth cheek and eyes areas. No massage is needed to have the same lifting effect.
and the Gold one is Bird nest x Caviar ( sounds really expensive! hence is gold!) 

Bird's nest with collagen added to the mask, giving the skin double moisture to keep skin supple, elastic and shiny with moisture factor. This 3D Lifting Mask with ear hooks fights against gravity and lift up the skin at your neck, mouth cheek and eyes areas.
Caviar contains a high concentration of caviar extract, rich in nutrition can delay aging, to repair damaged skin, firm sagging skin, enjoy the aristocratic lady of the top skin care effect.

one of my most favourite brand for mask! 
It has   Premium ingredients such as Red Wine, Bird Nest, Gold Caviar, Platinum, Gem and etc… (awesome right, so rich!)

ž  Endorser: Popular Taiwanese Celebrity and Singer Aisa 

Im sure you guys know already that I bought tons from taiwan! and is the same brand! 
Sorry The Face Shop! This has taken over you!
one of their best selling there and is cheap too! 
whats best you can get it in singapore now! 
or you can get it in guardian!

Price for the mask is...
Introductory Price: $7.90, 5 pieces in a Box

ž  Usual Price: $8.80, 5 pieces in a Box

You can get one to try first which is less than $2! 

and Whats so awesome about the mask?

 3D!! Why? I SAY AGAIN!! EAR HOOK MASK ARE AWESOME! It a 360 degrees Ultra Lifting and firming mask!
TOTALLY GOOD FOR THE CHIN AREA!! 8D! and it keep your mask in place!!
I can wear this for an hour and not  know the time! 

See how is connected to the ear, is stretchable so is no problem! 
The Ear hooks to lift & firm skin from neck, cheeks, eyes and mouth areas

So when I try mask, it must feel comfortable , smell must be pleasant ( yea Im like that :P), before and after effect! 

Smell is awesome! I like it, no hate there!
Comfort wise i give 8/10! sometimes it gets uncomfortable like when I laugh, but no problem! 
Really really moist!! VERY VERY MOIST! 
Awesome effect after that because I love my silky smooth face 8D!~ 

So hurry go try it now! 

Friday, 15 July 2011

Soft cream Poppin Cookin!

Ok sorry for the long due photos!! 
 I already tried Poppin Cookin!! 
and thanks to poppincookinsg for sponsoring!! ^^ 

is really very fun XD 

When you open it looks like this! 

Laying everything on the table! 

Mix mix mix!!! 

It feel like we are mixing glue or flour XD 


and then you need to stuff it in! 

now seal it! 

and is time to have some fun squeezing it!! 
Is actually quite hard LOL 

Rofl first try by cubie! 

Rofl I did the 2nd one!! I seriously do not know how to control! 

time for some toppings! there is even a stand on the tray! 

trying to make towers XD 

and we had a lot of the soft cream so I put over more ROFL! Bad idea XD

It tasted like sweet gummy bear but in a more watery form. 
But this is really for fun XD!! 
Maybe I will try the ramen one next time, really wonder how that will taste like! 

So if you are looking for a place to get poppin cookin! 
I feel that they are the cheapest too! 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Xmen outing!

SUPER SUPER OVER DUE!! because this post is about the outing that when we watch XMEN first class!!
Went to watch it with Claude, Jes, cubie and saku!!! 
and the sitting was Jes, Cubie , claude, me and saku. 
ROFL!!! he was inbetween the 2 pairs! 
You watch it, You know it, 8D!! 
I was giggling with saku almost half the time! 
And I bet claude was staring at magneto the hold time! 
After the movie he keep telling me that he is cute LOL ( UH OH!) 

So yes is a gay movie, IS SOO BL! It made me think that the director was a BL lover LOL!
but is a good movie! Really nice, totally worth watching! 

after we watch the movie we went to Blackbird! It use to be 1caramel but it change already.

so We order the fries to share and I order a vanilla tea! It was really nice, however I like mine sweet :P SUGAR TIME!

Jes bought Beer and Cubie bought ice coffee!!! 
and saku order cheesecake!! which was really cheesy!

Claude order this, Is a shot of espresso if im not wrong. 
He told me it was really acidic and very strong.. one sniff and I didn't like it already!

:P Cubie love to camwhore with my cam! 

Yea I know my camera is awesome 8D hur hur 

we were atucally cross arms LOL  


Bery good! LOL 

What I wore for the interview earlier that day! 
Which is actually for the AKB48 cafe, but thanks to my school time table :( I can't work there! 

and then it was time to camwhore and put wig time XD! I still have not wear my wigs out yet because I really hate the heat...

See you all soon!!! ^^!! 

PS: To those who wanted to know what happen for the past few days. 
I will blog it soon if I feel like it... I am fine now and not emoing anymore!