Acnes Medicated Skincare Range (Sponsored Review)

Acne... Who likes them... NO ONE DO! 
I posted before about my trip to the doctor, well that is one way to cure acne! 
But there is other ways too!! 
I always feel that I shouldn't depends on doctor pills to clear my acne since it could be quite expensive. 
Kinda just want to buy my wash from watson because is faster. 

So the sample store have given me something to try. 
and is Acnes Medicated Skincare Range! 
since I usually try clean and clear... and some other brands... didn't really like them. 

So what was given is the creamy wash, and sealing Jell by mentholatum
check out

So I decided to change my wash for a few days and try this wash to see if I like it! 

First up! The wash!~~~ 

looks what is coming out! ok is really thick and is not watery at all. 
You need to put a decent amount on your palm and then put some water to make it foamy!!! 
That is one thing I like!~ 

The wash is ok for me, Really really foamy, Smell is alright abit of medicated spell. 
The only thing I don't really like is after I wash it off. It gives a tight feeling to my face which is different from my normal wash which always give a smooth feeling. 
Maybe is my pore tightening!!!! 

Next up the sealing jell! 
Is meant 
Jelly stuff coming out XD!!! Smell to me is ok, really medicated again, guess is the brand.
Thick and not watery, easy to apply and not oily! 

so just apply to your zit and watch it go away!! 
Well for me, it took some days for it to subside. Prob because my doctor medication was too strong.
because I feel this is more mild! 
Didn't give me any biting feeling when I apply it! 

so yes we all want perfect skin but we need a good wash and some handy dandy acne cream beside us for emergency!!! 

To me this brand will be 3.5/5 since I will prefer my doctor products but is a good sub!
and once again Thanks The sample Store!! 


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