Agnes b

My new glasses are here!!~ well it was last week, just didn't blog about it yet!

Somehow my degree went down! I was wearing 4.75 but my degree was only 3.50! OMFG RIGHT! 
But my astgi went up and is totally shit T-T I hate it so much!!! 

However with my new specs and contacts, I feel my vision is clear again!!! XD 
no wonder I was getting headache recently .__. damn

So yes, I bought a Agnes b glasses!! seriously didn't wanted to go branded at first but oh well my friend convince me to ! however I really feel this is the nicest of them all! 

Was choosing the frame and some how I really like this one.. went to so many shop couldn't find another frame that I really like..
went to see so many frames... and see all the brands rofl! end up go back to parkway and get this one which we saw the first time! 

and to me it was really nice, at first I was thinking.. hmm red.. a bit too loud right? but is red and black~ 
Trying something new here!!!

Which I feel the size is just right! Somehow there is so many frame which is really huge.. looks so ugly on me :(

Really nice logo at the side 8D and the other side is a star!!! 


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