Chioning for cosfest

so what do you do a week or 2 weeks before cosfest?? 

trying to do my sword, countless time of spraying paint and painting it over again 

Yay phone finally can get the photos!!
and yes was rushing my skirt! painting and everything! 

I hate satin :( Im not sure what I can draw with it.. tailor chalk and pencil will still make a mark!! 

Front part done!!

back part D8! 

was trying really hard to blend!! but yea XD this is the best I did!! and worst part.. she didn't really have a back photo... need to take a lot of side and come out with this!

Did this on friday!!! I think is like slanted HAHAH!! 
and the stupid paint is so annoying!! but yea XD!! done it!~


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