Featured and Interview!

Hey everyone!!! 
Cute~Sakura had feature me on their website as a cosplayer!!
Check it out XD!!!

and also I was interviewed by Otakutalk with Sol! 

The photos that was chosen for it!! 

famous photo that i keep using for gyaru LOL 

Tales of Xillia done at Cosfest 2011 Day 2 

Fairy tail Lucy!! I so want to do her other forms! wait for it 8D!! 

and of course one of my top cosplay from DA XD thanks blurmage! awesome photo!

and profile picture rofl!

Rofl I guess I shall make them all coscards!!! 
Thanks for supporting me!!! Will do better cosplay ^^! 


5 Waffles:

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  2. I really like your cosplay! I also I have the cosplay Lucy ^ ^

    I love your blog, you would like to keep mine?
    I am Spanish, but my English is not very good>. <


  3. last photo...so familiar... :D

  4. Very cute looks ! Love all the outfits :)

    Please check out my cute Forever21 tools & accessories giveaway! -- It's my first one :)


  5. rikku > Thank you! Nice to know you ^^ really cool that you are spanish! Checking out your blog!~

    Ooga > haha you took it ma!

    Jessica > Thanks!! will do!


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