Penguin Outing

Last week thursday went out to meet Vio, Cubie, Jes, Claude and Vont!! 
why?! TO WATCH MR PENGUIN POPPERS!! we totally wanted to watch that movie!

whats awesome? IS JIM CARREY! I always love his movies 8D! 
whats the next awesome things is PENGUINS!!! SOO CUTE!!!

<3 <3 <3 cute~ Not sure if there still showing but if it is and you want to watch something fun, GO WATCH!
Totally laugh all the way!! sooo <3 the penguins!! love them to bits!

Met vont first to take the same bus to meet the rest! 
wore my new dress from garder-la-foi !!! and my new headband from taiwan! 
Will be blogging about that dress soon!! Totally love it and whats best is that is really comfortable! 

he is like totally camera shy! Why are guys so camera shy!!!! 
so we went to bugis, and it has been AGES since I took 12 to bugis. 
I usually take mrt to bras basah to my school after circle line is open. 
And I didn't touch bus 12 since then! 

Met with Cubie and then Claude and Jes!

For this movie Cubie bought hers!!! Jes forgot hers thou! But seriously soo cute!! 


and what girls love to do in toilets?? CAMWHORE! 

1, 2 , 3, 4, 5!

hee love to hang out with them! But missing Saku this time I guess LOL! 
Wants to go out soon again! 

after movie we went for L4D and played for around an hour. as usual!!! 
happen that me, vont and vio was in the same team. OH SHEET! ME AND VIO!!! LOL!! WE ARE NOT GOOD PLAYERS!! 
and then Jes and Cubie in one! They make a good team! 
while I think vont is the only good player in ours rofl! 
whats really funny is our nicks 8D!!! 
Vont = Sexy , Me = Gay , Vio = Muthu 
whats you got? SEXY GAY MUTHU! 
what about the next team? 
Cubie = shuai ge and Jes = Muhammad 
put them all together? SEXY GAY SHUAI GE MUHAMMAD MUTHU! 
WOAH!!~ so yea we were killing each other and it really funny! 
must soooo need to go out and play again! 

See ya all will be blogging soon!! 


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