In around 2 hrs time I will be flying off to china and then HK!!! 
WOOT!!! and when was this book? Last wed! :P and you imagine! 
My mom suddenly ask me if I want to go overseas! Like hell yeah I do! 
Love how sporting my parents is!! XD
so will be gone from today till Thursday! 

For those who want anything from HK, I will be brining my iphone or ipad , so I will try to come online! 
Will be checking emails too if I can XD! so yea Just sent! 
:P since HK is really cheap for some stuff!!~
Cannot wait to shop till I drop again!!! 

hopefully the time the weather don't kill me.. seriously I wish it was like 22 degree there.. 
:( I will be damn happy!

anyway I still got my bag to pack soo.... See you all soon!! 


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