140 Days

I remember the time when I just started watching anime and reading mangas.. 
I so wanted to be in a shoujo manga or a mahou shoujo anime! 
Love the action, romance, school life and many others.. 
But one thing I wanted was to know how the girl feel!

example one of my favourite anime! Kamichima karin! 

and if people read or watch the anime you know who she ends up with!

new favourite show! star driver!

so anyone knows who wako ended up with?!?!?

ahh shugo chara! Many many girls favourite! 

Macross frontier!! 

and kirarin revolution!! eek!~

Orange planet ^^!

Cherry Juice! 

Love this artist! 

Ok why am I showing all this... because there is something common in all of them! 
ok yea they are anime and manga.
Which is their love triangle. 
Even thou when we read it and watch it is like sooo romantic, so exciting! 
When you are in the person shoes... you just feel so confuse. 
Somehow I feel like Im in one now, and somehow sometimes (most of the time) I do not know what to do.
( Im sure my friends know what I am talking about XD) 

140 days... another 120 days left... 
I wish I knew what to do. 


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