40 days skin challenge!

Recently my face has been getting really bad :( and Im really depress about it! 
So Im trying to get to back to its original state again! 
I found out a few facts about my skin and Im really sad to say that I cannot try new products any more. 
It just hurt my skin too much :( sniff sniff! 

My face is really fair, thin and sensitive, so I actually cannot try any new products for my face just like that :(
It will hurt my face like clogging the pores and blackheads. Which leads to pimples and all these bumps!
My aunt told me that if you are fair usually your skin is thinner.

So I cannot use very rich products, only mild and natural kind. I need to take note of the ingredients of the products now.. I tried a sample a brand my sister use and it gave me break out, so did my mom!!
Murad products didn't work on me either sadly... 
For Vichy only certain product help but I'm stopping for now. 

I am still taking doctor pills and application but it takes a bit slower now due to the weather. 

My face was really bad already and I made it worst by putting mask twice a week T-T! 
I thought putting on mask will help it, however it does not because my face is dry on the outside but oily in the inside... (like wtf?!?!) So when I use paper mask... it somehow clog all the oil inside instead (BAD MOVE)
So now Im only able to use a mask every once a week. 
Due to the weather my face cannot take very rich product, it will hurt my face more so yea.. lesson learn!
Dam you weather :( because of you I became like that too!!

So I took this today after I went facial. Usually facial will made it more red first. My aunt told me that it will lighten tomorrow! Hopefully! 
See how many red spots... and scars :(! You can see the bumps but when I wash my face I can totally feel it!

Totally cried when extracting during facial :'( So many blackheads and pimples!! But is all gone now!
Needs to go back in 2 weeks time again!
So I got this 2 products from my aunt which will help my face.
which the brand is called Phyris 

This is the silver pure concentrate which is for extreme blemishes, inflammation and redness. 

This is the skin optimizer, which is a care powder. Is like a oily control powder and is not like make up so I can use it everyday! 

I didn't bought this but my mom did, is the sensisomi blam. 
Which is actually like pimple cream. Helps the redness and irritations too. 

These are the products that was use during my facial every time I go to Aunty Candy place. 
So I bought it to use every night too. 
I will be using this everyday now and challenge myself to get better skin by 40 days!!

Not only for my face but Im trying to make overall my body healthier too! 
I bought supplement to help my body and face! 

2 from DHC!! Heard is really good and is highly recommended in magazine like popteens!
Both packets are 1 month supply!! So lets see the results after 1 month!

So first up is the DHC Alpha Lipoic Acid! 
This one help to burn calories faster!! It boosts metabolism and help control body fats! 
So that when I exercise it shall burn more!!! 
Doing light exercise in the night and trying to run and swim at least twice a week!!! 

This pill is quite effective because I do feel the burn!! Claude bought the DHC New slim one and he said that he always feel full which make him eat less! Whats shocking is after 4 days he told me he lost 5kg.. 
Im not sure if I want to believe that or not ROFL! But lets see how is it for him too! 

Next is the DHC White Self! 
Perviously I was using Habuki white pill, however I decided to try something new because I finish it already. 
( T-T damn I love trying new things) 
This help to have whiter skin and help recover damage from UV rays and other form of stress! 
Like pigmentation and over-production of dark melanin in the skin! 

Been taking this 2 for 5 days already! However I feel there is no result yet! Shall blog about it after 1 mth! 

Next thing I bought is something I really wanted to try this for very long already... SUPER LONG ALREADY!! After Aya use it and said it was good, I wanted to try even more! 
however is really expensive.. 
Which is the Tense Up Ex HTC Collage from Fancl
This box of 10 cost me 55 even after 10% discount. Orginial price is $61
Meaning one bottle is $6.10!! Ouch!!! 

Tense Up Ex is a collagen drink which helps the body and face! For firm and Radiant skin! 
It says that it have 2600 collagen inside! Well that explained why it taste so thick! 

Im already on my 4 bottle tonight and I did feel improvement in my skin after 2 bottles!
Like less oily!! 

This month I really spend a lot on my body and face T^T!! and it shall be for a good cause!!!
I really hope in 40 days time I have really good skin!!~ I will keep on updating and tell you all how is going!

For those people who have skin like mine, Please take care!!! 


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