Artica Hair Salon

This is my 600 blog post! \o/ yay!! 
and it shall be about Artica!! Went there to dye my hair!!! 
Because they had this awesome deal! all that for $42! So want to try!
Not only that heard good reviews about this place too!!

Usually I die my hair at goldwell or my aunty Jean Yip place.
There was also one time I did it at chapter 2! So this time trying something new! 
Thanks to bigdeal and Artica! 

Is really easy to find the place because when you come out of the lift, there it is! 

So before my hair was this colour!

The stylist that did my hair was Nit! really nice and sweet person! 
Was choosing the colour and choose lavender Brown in the end! Was asking recommendation because I really didn't know what colour to dye.. All I know is I wanted a lighter colour then my current.
Almost wanted to go blonde or Ash! ROFL! 

Magazine lay out for you to read! But I had my iPad! 

Dye-ing in process!!! one thing that you all know is that the process is really long!!!
Cubie was suppose to meet me to pei me but end up she came really late!! 
Nevermind!! Got books and iPad to keep me accompany! 

After this dye they put another dye on me for the roots! because the black roots came out and is really uneven =( 

Some hot heat thingy? I always wanted to know what is this for. 
Always saw it at my aunty jean shop and know is for dye-ing hair purpose but I have no idea why. XD 
should so ask next time!

After the dye-ing process the deal include protein treatment and a 10min head massage!! 
Really all for $42... this is a steal!!! 

After that there is wash and blow too!!! She was really good at blowing hair! not pain at all, unlike some places... =( really hurts.. 
Soo....the out come? I LOVE MY NEW HAIR COLOUR!!!

Took a picture with Nit!! 
Thank you so much so doing my hair!! Really love it! At first I wanted her hair colour.. 
However I think if I did that my mom will scream because she already said my current one is light enough. 
Maybe one day.. ONE DAY I WILL XD!!! 

Nit told me that her colour is one or two step lighter then my current one! 
so this was on that day itself! 

And this was like 2 weeks after! which it gotten lighten abit! 
My mom keep on saying is really light! I feel is just perfect thou!!! 
Totally didn't regret going to Artica and buying the deal!! One of the best buy ever! 

Maybe I will go back and touch my hair next time!!! 

Artica is located at 

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #04-82
 Singapore 228213
Operating Hours
Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday-Friday : 11.30pm - 9.00pm
Weekends : 11.30pm - 8.00pm
For enquires or appointments: please contact             6836 2891      
or email them at


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  2. you are looking good with the great hairstyle.

  3. Your hair looks really pretty. I think the color is really good, I think the color looks good like that. I think the amount it is lightened is oerfect, lighter might not look as good (but I could be wrong). But the color you have now is gorgeous. :P

  4. nava.k > thank you!!! ^-^

    Midnite Echo > thanks!! Im glad I made the right choice!! Haha Im really scared to try blonde thou.. thats why Im buying wigs first to try it then dye-ing my real hair XD


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