Before school starts

Yup is already Aug.. and you know what that means.. BACK TO SCHOOL!!
So before going back to school I went out shopping with Cassie~ 

My outfit for the day! Bought the knit top from Taiwan and didn't got the chance to use it. 
Really love it because is really comfortable! 

Miss the girl~ XD really love to shopping with her!!!~
Was looking for a dress for her brother wedding! and in the same time I was looking one for my cousin wedding! So many weddings happening !!

One of the dress I like but it was kinda big for me!! =( there also orange maxi dress from topshop but didn't took a photo! I have a thing for maxi dress already! 

After shopping while waiting for Forrester we had ice cream first!! 
Hokkaido milk ice cream at ion, my 2nd time having it!! and I totally love it! 
I love love love SOFT ice cream!!! because I can't bite =X 
Mine is the left with strawberry sauce and Cassie topping is strawberry!!
Strawberry day 8D!! I give some sauce to her!  

Enjoying our ice cream!!! I want more :( shall go get it soon!
Best thing they are giving one free topping!! 

After that meet up with forrester and went to shop at Far east. 
Saw many chuck shoes and totally fell in love with it! 
Wonder if I will ever buy one thou... hmmm maybe next time when 'he' actually pester me LOL 

On the bus!! 

Ok so notice that my hair colour is just a lighter shade then my old one. 
and my mom keep saying is really light already :( guess I won't be doing blonde anytime soon HUR! 


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