Cedele breakfast!

This happen around a month ago but didn't blog about it! Breakfast at Cedele
Was suppose to go to hatched however is close on monday!! (will blog about hatched soon!)
I woke up in the morning around 8am just to meet someone and we took a bus down to Bukit Timah only to found out that he didn't check that it close on Monday! EPIC! I was like laughing and laughing at him non-stop haha!

So I told him, lets go wheelock, there is Cedele there and there is PANCAKES!

I tried the Big breakfast set before and this was it! It was really good and really filling!!! 
However the eggs really cannot beat hatched. The mushroom however was really nice! 
You are allow to choose what kind of bread you want to. 
So if you do not know what to order, you can try this! 

But we didn't order that because we wanted PANCAKES! So I order the Wild Blueberry Pancake with bacon rashers! 
To me I was kinda expecting my pancakes to be sweet because of the blueberry like those from KFC. 
However it was not because they use real blueberry so it was a bit sour. So yea don't expect it to be as sweet as the one from KFC which I don't even need to put anything on it. 
It taste really good with butter and honey!! 

Overall it was really nice but 3 stacks is a bit to much for me... 

My friend ordered the Apple Cinnamon Pancakes which I so prefer mine!!! 
Somehow... I just don't like the taste of it.... maybe because of the apple + cinnamon.
There was apple slice inside the pancakes and it didn't taste that sweet.
 (ok as you all know I love my food sweet 8D!~)

There are many Cedele outlets so you can check them out here!! 


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