Cosfest 2011

I notice I have not blog about cosfest 2011 yet so yes this time I am!

So for the first day I did Xiao yu from tekkan!!
Spend half of the day looking for my team mates then doing anything else.
After I found them which is like on by one we needed to wait for the team leader which is Drefan!!
which was super late :P but he made like a grand entrance!

Taken by terrence

Overall this team was really fun and met a lot of new people!!!
Now I cannot wait for photoshoot

and my Day 2 cosplay which I put a lot of effort in it!
spend a lot of money in it too x-x!!

Taken by Windy 

Did Mira Maxwell from Tales of Xillia!! Did it with Claude, which he choose to do this series this time! 
Her coustume is sooo complicated, Im just really shock that Jessie know how to make the top! 

The painting on the skirt was easy... the colouring of her wig was the annoying part!! 
I still feel is not really done yet, shall go and touch up for photoshoot!

Painted the sword too! me and claude was like staring at the photo thinking if the sword had the cover..
end up colouring in and out! XD

Damn Im suppose to be a bit taller than claude here!!! XD!!
And claude is suppose to look shota!!!

Thanks Claudy for helping me make some parts! like the amour pieces! 
Need to touch up and some need to redo still!!! but overall I had fun doing this character!
I wish I can summon stuff like her thou!! and I don't need to eat too!! 

Somehow I feel that Im doing a lot of these acting cool or dao character more then cute hyper characters.
hmm I SHOULD DO MORE!! XD but yea need to save money first...

also tried a new method on putting colour eyebrowns, rofl I use my eyelash glue and then colour it, seems like a really good way! but many of my friends asking me to use uhu glue stick instead. I shall go try!

a full view!! Jessie also made the boots cover which me and claude was WOAH!!!
She really did a good job!! and I feel this costume was worth it!!
shall do it for another event again XD!! 
but doing her meaning I need to starve for a week so that my body shape will be ok for her .... 

that reminds me I somehow need to make that green part standing up... bleh!! thats one thing I have no idea how to do T-T!! still trying out... hopefully can get it standing! 
overall had lots of fun!!
get to stay over at zander chalet for a night but didn't sleep at all! 
prob too excited or worried because of claude!!
Made a lot of friends and meet new people!~ weeeeee love that part! 


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