Dolly Wink Volume Mascara

I have a lot of mascara at home but this one became my top favorite! 
Dolly wink Volume Mascara!!! 
Not only that it works so good the packaging is just SOO CUTE!! 
Don't you just love it when packaging is cute!!! Bet guys don't even know that this is a mascara if you don't tell them!!! best of all is purple hee!~ 

Even kapibara - san approve of Dolly wink mascara!!! *kiss*

Been using this mascara for my bottom lash almost every time! and it never fail to make it look awesome! 

The brush is shaped like this so is easier to apply it on the bottom lash!!

Is sorta waterproof and it doesn't smudge as much as some other brands! 
Well people told me that it washes off with warm water, but somehow there is always still some left when I do. So best to use a makeup removal! 

Totally worth the money and totally worth trying ^^!!!~


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