Hadanomy Collagen Mist!

Review time!! 
Something that I will recommend to all cosplayers! 
Hadanomy Collagen Mist!
A product by SANA!

A product to use before and after makeup! It has a hydrating effect that will help your makeup to stay longer!
And best thing It has collagen inside! ( what more IS PINK!! AND SO PRETTY)
It contains Hyaluronic acid Na, Honey ( REALLY!! ) amd Acerola Extract! 
I been using this for 2 months already and I never miss this step when I put on my makeup!
It have a very nice sweet smell then even my friends love it! Smells like rose + honey! 
Sweet smelling face anyone 8D!?

How to use it? 
- Clean face first before putting makeup!
- 15cm or around there away from face! 
- spray all over! I will spray till my neck have it!! 
- after putting on makeup! 
- Spray again! 

You will feel the difference after you use it!

I brought it over to cosfest chalet and tried on my friends! 
after one try they said they love it too and it going to buy it! 
Even my guy cosplay friends say they like it!! 

Since when you go to a event, sometime you do not have time to touch up.
and you want your makeup to hold! 
So now you know what will help!! is like a solution!!! 

Love this product!! And Im lucky to came across it in SASA!
So far I only see SASA have... so yea.. get it from SASA!!! 


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