Long over due post but this is one thing I want to blog about!!
Where I get my gyaru needs online!!
Many of you know I been getting my makeup overseas because my parents was sweet enough to bring me to Hong kong and Taiwan!!! 

However, There are still time when I can't go overseas to get the makeup products I want! 
So where do I go?!?! 

Found this blogshop by chance and it was a good find! 

My 2nd package from them!

And inside was my purchase! 

Really love the person patients and customer service!!

so this was my buy!! Up till now bought 3 times from her! There was no wrong order or anything!
Usually need to wait for awhile because is a spree but other then that no problem! 
I also feel that they are one of the place where sell their product cheaper then others!!!
Yay for that ^^ Everyone wants to save don't you think so! 

So go and check it out now!~ 


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