JAF shoot

Taken by Windy

Really long ago, but didn't post it up!
I didn't cosplay for JAF! Wore my favorite Liz Lisa maxi dress I bought from taiwan instead!
Love it so much! 
So wanted a mori girl shoot now!!! but I hate singapore weather LOL

Makup used was Dolly wink No.3 Blue Orange eyeshadow! Totally Love it! 
Dolly Wink No.1 Eyelash Dolly Sweet!
Dolly Wink Volume Mascara
Candy Doll Carrot Orange Blush!
Candy Doll Apricot Beige Lipstick
Candy Doll Lipgloss in Milk tea beige 

Im such a tsubasa masuwaka fan! XD

So I went to JAF to take a look, and meet my friends there! 
Place was really smll so yea, nothing much, Went there and took photos instead rofl

Took some photos with friends XD!! 

Then had a small shoot with Nutcase and fariz! 

Taken by nutcase

Taken by nutcase

Taken by Fariz

and then ooga came along! 

After that went to suntect with Saku and Jes to meet windy and other people! 
Like those who were in the L2P Comperition! 
Not much cosplay there but there was quite a lot of people! 

Taken by Windy

Taken by Windy

and of course at home!~ I need to camwhore!

wearing my I.fairy Ash Brown here!

I m sooo in love with candy doll and dolly wink products!! Love love love the eyeshadow!!! ^^!~ 
Happy that I got all 4 now! 


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