My fun time in RIFT!

As everyone knows!! I have been playing RIFT! 
Behold! My toon in rift ROFL!!
This year Im going pink and purple so yea, hence my character 
(Going to spam a lot of screen shots!!!) 

So I join the guild Eastern Keep! I was from yakisoba but some how many of my friends seems to jump ship, So I jump with them rofl! and found out many people from yaki went to EK! 

And when I join EK, The first person I talk to was Kongbakpao who didn't believe I was a girl, till I speak on mumble, rofl! Somehow I don't really like talking on mumble or vent because I have no idea how my voice sound like.. I also scared that is like some annoying voice HAHA!! 

So after I talk somehow he went to tell Vont that I am a girl and hurry go make armour for me HAHA! 
And pao ask him to be my "sugardaddy" I was ROFL-ING!
I was busy running around like a chicken when he was making my armour 8D!!! 
Damn I want to get a squirrel one! is so darn cute!!! 

and after that they run dungeons with me!!! weeee!!~ Really fun meeting new people and getting to know guildmates, Rofl! 
Oh and somehow I love to take screenshots when there is a lot of numbers on the screen hee!~ 

So yea, Since I was on holiday, I always do T2 dungeons really late at night... 1am - 3am.. sometime even 4am.. Totally MADNESS! 
This one below is time 3.34am HAHA 

So yes because of RIFT I have been sleeping so damn late!! but it was really fun XD!

Woah this one was 4.35am! 

Hahaha Some how vont was like saying that he want to sell my phone number for 100p wtf!!! 
And they keep asking where I live.. But I cannot believe that vont actually guess it right =-=" fuck him! 

Then the real fun started! RAID!! OMG!! always wanted to go to raids!!
I been to Aion and WoW raids so I wanted to see how different was RIFT raids! 

Totally had my fun in Rift! Met so many people! Was suppose to play with Claude but he rarely plays with me  :( so I went on playing with other people instead. 

There was Barbarella which was Alvin! Rofl! duno whats his level now!

Then next was Naiba A cleric I met at Scarlet Gorge!!! Wonder how is he doing now in Aus!

And Cydel@Deepstrike, This guy is from a different server but we met during warfronts!! Totally fun playing with him in black garden and Codex!! I also have no idea how is he doing LOL! 

Met Musetii after that! Really fun guy! But he went to another server I think because he want to play more PVP. 

and when lvl 47 my party member was Syluus!!  All these 3 people were from yaki and they jump to EK rofl!

When I turn level 49, Syluus invited me to a party with Sashime , Vont and Chips which were level 50 already and we did countless time of Charmer's Caldera! Totally awesome! Spend around an hour or so getting to lvl 50 with their help! and thats the first time I was chatting with him! 

So after that Met Pao , Brayve and Aphorism which we keep on running AP.. AP and MORE AP! 
Those were the fun memories!~ 

and yea Vont is always slacking, And standing around!!!!!

Water Raid Rift!!! The one which Aphor will always sleep in LOL

Air Raid Rift!!!

Port!! Warfront zone! which you need to get 1k to win.. damn long!!! 

 People trying to steal our Raid rift.. or was it the other way round?! ROFL

River Of Soul!! Killing one of the hardest boss ever!! (So said vont) 

New 10man raid! Drowned halls!

GSB!!!! Reminds me of  Onyxia in World of warcraft because of the tail and plants. 

New 20man Raid! HK!! I just did this just now and didn't down the boss !! ahh My first time and I keep on dying :(!!! 

So yea Im still playing rift!!! And sometime Dragon nest to kill time in school :P!!! 
If you are playing tell me ok!! Just pm me "Cutepetz"!!~ 


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