My hong kong haul part 1!!!

Was going to blog what I bought from Hong Kong and china so this is partly what I bought! 
Is not everything because I have not take all the photos of my clothes yet!
I totally spend a lot for this trip however I think is less than Taiwan trip because of Liz Lisa!

So yes this is part of my haul!!! 

Bought this from shop called "who that girl" 

2 photo album  ( the blue and pink one) a note pad which is really pretty! and the butterfly shoe holder!
I still got some more items from here but have not took a photo yet. 
But they are a Jug, A heart shape cup and a tea holder! XD

somethings that I bought first! all was from china XD and I wanted to buy more!!
but some of the design was really old fashion >

SHOELACE!! HAHA!!! They were around 0.60c each! so yea I just pick 20! 
Let my friends choose one that they like! and I will keep the rest! 
Should have bought more colors ><" 

Bought dolly wink again 8D! and wanted to try Melliesh!!
Of course there is cheaper!!! ( the no 2 and no 5 is not mine! ) 

More dolly wink and candy doll products! 
Awesome! Now I got all of the dolly wink eyeshadow, mascara, Lipgloss and lipstick!
Didn't collect the blusher thou, because they didn't have the highlighter colour >< 

Bought Cosmagic blusher in 2 shades!!! Hee!! way cheaper there! it was only $14! 
really love this! but I have no idea whats the puff for still! 

Found more melliesh makeup! Wanted to try their powder and awesome wanted to try the eyeshadow liner! 
The purple box is a eyelash curler which Im still trying to figure out how to use LOL!
and bought Lycee!!! 

What I have twitting about! My 9 pairs of shoes!!! XD! 
only the top right and top left is really expensive! 
the rest is around $10 - $15!! woot!!~ 
Glad they have my size there! 
Found out I bought more heels this time... but in taiwan I bought more flats! 
I guess someone is influencing me already! 

and something I have been finding in singapore and everywhere else!!! SOCKS!!!
Those above ankle kind like those in vivi and popteens!!!
omg is like sooo hard to find and hard to find the really cute and pretty ones!!
So manage to buy these!! really love it!!!

So yup! this is part of my hauls for my hoilday!!! there is more 8D!! 
shall go take photo of me wearing the clothes next time!!
wait for it!!! ^-^!~ 

one of the dress I bought XD!~ 


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