Nubalance Spa

Time for me to blog about my trip to china and hong kong!! 
So after we touch down, check into the hotel and did some shopping my mom bought me to a spa! 
We went to Nubalance Spa which is located in a hotel too but I forgot the name :x! 

The lobby, which the lady will bring you their "menu" which have all their services!

So I choose the one with have the rose bath and clay mask! I never tried that before so it was my first time! 
Vont was like telling me how awesome rose bath was so I got to try it! 

My parents was in a couple room and I was alone!! In this huge room for two!~  Hee!! 
Pardon my photos for now is all taken by my iphone, because they actually didn't let me take photos :X

The interior was really nice!! however I still like the one in bangkok!!! I shall go there again and take photos there!! 
So first up~ Washing your legs with rose petals!! 

And next was a 20 min soak in the rose bath!!~ 
iphone flash is soo not appealing LOL 

 there is one thing I cannot take it always.. is when they put super super hot water and ask you to go in just like that O-O" like HOT PLEASE D8!!! WANT ME TO BURN?!?!? How can anyone go in that hot water .__. so yea I always tell them is too hot and need cold water inside to be warm 8D!! 
same for foot massage too... 

But omg!! First time having a rose bath and it was really nice!! So relaxing... just that I was playing with the rose more than ever!! I must do it again, but my mom told me that singapore rose bath are really expensive..
I guess I shall wait for those deals then I will go! Must make Cassie try too bet she will love it! 

So while I'm enjoying my rose bath, the lady brought me refreshments 8D!~ 
I ask for fruits and Milk tea!! And they cut the apple until so nice! 
and yea the milk tea was awesome too!!! but the best was the watermelon! 
It was soo sweet and juicy!!! 

The Clay mask and Scrub was really awesome, just that I felt that it was a pile of mud on me rofl! 
Somehow the mask smell like honey with horlicks HAHA! It smell sooo sweet and I feel like tasting it.
and the massage was so good that I think I fell asleep! Such a awesome way to relax! 

After everything you will be brought to the lounge to enjoy free food and drinks! 
There was porridge but my mom say don't eat because we were going for dinner. 
Cakes and chinese desserts was also brought for us and it was really good 8D!~ 
sadly I didn't take a photo because the lady stop me :(!!

Overall experience : AWESOME!! I am so going to do a rose bath again! 

Bleh!! I tried googling the spa name.. but they didn't give me what I wanted... :( I shall ask for the address from my mom again when she is back from overseas for you all!!~ 


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