Ma Maison

One place I always love but don't really go often... Ma Maison!
They have a brunch at Bugis junction and The central! So this time Claude and myself went to the central one! Since I go to the bugis brunch with my parents already!

To me the central brunch is much smaller then the one in bugis and the queue is just as long.

Ma maison is a japanese resurtant with a french touch, I always feel the place is really cozy!!
Really love the interior inside there, there is like pot and pans, bottles and homely items!
The place is kinda dull because of the lightning but it gives you a nice candle light dinner feel!!~
Really romantic 8D!~

The menu~

Usually they will give you this key from the start, Is like your table number!
 Kinda like a hotel key! Really like the idea of that!! At the counter, they have this box shelf behide, like those in the hotel in the past to put the keys!!!
I like how old it looks~

First dish we ordered, Scallop in ma masion special sauce!
Is serve cold and is a appetizer and is really good!
One of their best selling dish there! I feel is a must try!!
Next was the seafood paella, this is the first place I ever eat paella or know! I didn't know what was that at first! My mom order it and I shared it with her the first time! was really good, just that I don't like clams..
This was claude main dish because I was telling him how good it is!

It was packed with clams (ok i hate clams) and other seas food like mussles, scallops and prawns! 
The rice has a very nice buttery seafood taste too! overall it was really good!! 

My main dish of the day! Omurice with beef! It looks really good but the taste was a different from what i expected it to be. Nonetheless it was still really good! 
I love how smooth and egg was and the beef chunks was really yummy!! 
however next time I will try the hand burger steak! 

lastly will be our dessert! 

we order a blueberry tart because it was the last one!! and we didn't regret it one bit! 
It was sooo good that I just want to go back for more! 
Next time I will try other flavours too!! 

It was really sweet and the crust was so good is hard to describe XD!!
The berry was hold with jelly and cream and is really easy to eat!
It doesn't like fall of once you cut it like some pies. 

Really good place to have a romantic dinner! Guy, Bring your girlfriends here!! and treat her a good time for a special day!! you won't regret it!  

some information for you guys! 

Ma Maison Restaurant 200 Victoria Street
#02-51 Bugis Junction Singapore
Tel: +65 6338 4819

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-96
The Central @ Clarke Quay Singapore
Tel: +65 6327 8122

Cafe Ma Maison
9 Raffles Boulevard #P3-03
Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk Singapore
Tel: +65 6338 9391


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