The single life

Once again Im single, Been a really long time since I had that status on. 
Since I was in a relationship from one to another.. 
Didn't have a really long break in between at all!
well those who are close with me will understand why! 

So is been 4 weeks Im single and my life has been more exciting then ever!! 
Going out with friends, going party!!  playing games and of course school have started!! 
Really more freedom to do things you want to do, and you don't need to tell someone where you going or who you going out to. Guess I like that part sometime lol! 

So yes going out almost everyday! ( ok thats bad ,my money is flying! LOL) 

Going out with Cubie, jes and vont!

Viccal blog gathering!!~ ( needs to blog about this O-O)

Kbox outing for Jes birthday!!! 
Jes, Cubie , me , vio , shizu! 

Done my hair and cubie pei me!!~ 

Cassie band gig!!~~ 8D! awesome fun!!!

Shopping with cassie! need to do this more! 

Going out with cubie, jes and lawliet and we went to TWG!!! 

after that windy wanted to eat so went to eat CHICKEN! 

Yesterday casual photoshoot with them!! 

Of course there were still many more outing but some forgot to take photos rofl!!
Not forgetting I went hong kong too!!~  

Yes I love my life now but I also love my life when I was in a relationship!  
Guess I really need to balance when I am in one!!!
Told myself that I won't get into one till next year!!
I shall remain single till Mr right appears.. I wonder if he is out there :P!~ 
Maybe you are already there beside me but I just do not know. 

One thing I know is I didn't expect to cope this well.. after being close to a 4 year relationship.. 
and then a sudden change... hmmmm... oh well!!! Friends are the best! 
And they are the one that will bring you to forget sadness most of the time! 

 Love you guys so much!!~ 


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