Viccal tea party

 Last month I went to a blogger tea party by Viccal! 
Thank you for inviting me and my friends it was really fun! 
I blog about Viccal the other time here!! Read it for my review!

At this party, we met the founder of Viccal and she talk to us about her company and product!
It was really inspiring and I really like what she was doing!
As Viccal is a all natural product, she was telling us how they get the rose water and what other ingredient was inside! Not only that! She have experience in many other make up and skin care brands that she let us in some secrets. Like what is inside most products! It totally scares us! 
Imagine putting plastic on your face D8!! not good! 

So with that, Me and my friends try this product! 

The location! 

All set up! 

I was greeted by this! and the staff who brought me in! 

Peak - a - boo!
what do we have here?!?!? 

They give us a little gift again!!~ Which was a sample of the other products! And gift vouchers! 

Rofl!!! The expression hahaha!

At first I invited Jes as my guest!  

Then they allow me to invite 2 more! So I invited Cubie and Lenneth!  

Group shop together!

and we are all very happy that we came!  

( Poor vont couldn't come HAHAHAH)
and they also gave us a little something! 
which was DAMN GOOD O-O!! Im so going back there for more! 
See how happy Cubie is! 

Camwhore of myself! 

Jes and Me 8D!!!
ooo someone try to photobomb us but fail LOL
she was enjoying her food so much! XD 

Group shots!! 

Taken a group shot with the founder! She is really really sweet!! inspiring person and a role model!  

Overall really glad we came! 
As cosplayers, the product 1.10 can be use as a makeup base and hold our makeup longer! 
Help to reduce redness in our face too! Good thing good thing!! 

Thanks for inviting us!~ we hope to see you again!! 


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