14 Days later

Hey everyone!~ Is already another week so is 14 days already!! 

and that means another update on my face complexion!! 
and today Im going for facial again!

So after using the cream for 14 days. The results is like this. 
I have stop drinking Tense up Ex for now :( because I don't have the cash to get it. 
Maybe next month, or I will try a new brand. 

I notice a lot of oil clogs on my face when I wash it.. :( that one is hard to go away. 

Redness have gone down a lot! However you can still see the unevenness and pores 

The better side of my face =X 

There is some pimples coming out but I notice is because my period is here. 
And usually thats the came, however is not serious outbreaks any more. 

I am still taking the DHC pills and the white pills seem to have very slight effect which the alpha lipo acid pill is working better for me, Lost 1kg for now. I should probably use it with slim fit because Claude lost quite a lot of weight already. 

Update : Just went facial today, So my face is red again from the extracting. 
Took out a lot of blackheads and oil clogs. 
really few pimples from the previous time I went! Overall, My aunt told me is way better than the first time!
Going back to facial in 2 weeks and hopefully my skin get even better! 

Dryness and peeling has all stop and it better now! 
Not using mask for this period of time is a good choice, because my aunt told me the mask will worsen the process >

Oil clogs are really a bitch!! Very hard to go away and you must extract them, Worst thing is that sometime when putting a cream or mask, it will become worst :(!!! Hopefully it will go away soon! 
23 more days to 40 days! let hope all work out in the end! 

Cheers ^^!!~ 


7 Waffles:

  1. What is this Slim Fit product that Claude is taking?? sounds interesting!

  2. Is the DHC New slim, For those people who like to eat alot but want to lose weight XD!!

    when take together with the one im taking the results is really good.

    You can check it out at Watson!

  3. Vic : Eh really ar? XD -wanna try xia- *fat*

  4. Looks like it's getting better. That's good :)

  5. Vic > yup yup, but is way better if you exercise too!

    thristhan > ^^ Thanks!! I just went facial thou so is kinda red again X-X

  6. Hi I was reading your blog and just wondering if the fancl tense up help in reducing breakouts ?

  7. I also hate my oil clogs!!! I have tons of them all over my cheeks >.<
    I usually get facial every month just to get rid off of these bitches gyaaaa
    I realize by eating fried or junk food, it can makes my oil clogs worse or even growing more -__-


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