21 and 28 days later

Updating on my face for 21 days and 28 days! So sorry, was busy during school! 
Here the status of my complexion! 
Please note Im not taking any tense up now.  

This was my 14 day status. and it became this because I went facial after the 14th day. 
It is still healing right now so this is the state. 

So this is the state for the 21th Day. 

Some pimples came out and there is still a lot of oil clogs. 
But my aunt tod me they will clear off soon. 

Bleh I still hate my this side of the face.. Really red!  

And now for the after 28 Day! 
Redness have go away again!!~ 

Pimples and spots have gone 8D!! HOPE IT NEVER COME BACK! 

There is still a lot of uneven-ness and scars. 
But that will have to be another treatment. Now doing for acne and sensitivity.
Redness have tone down a lot and oil clogs are going away! 

This side of the face is getting really better!! Now you don't see the red spot anymore! 
There is some oil clogs left at the side but you cannot really see only can feel. 

I still have not buy tense up EX but I may change to Sato brand instead! Heard is just as good!!
For the pills, my weight from 55kg drop to 52kg already! 
So I guess I must keep on exercising to help burn faster! 

Going facial again next week.. 
Most likely my face will be red again due to extraction! 
Will see how it goes!! 
Is already going to 40 days! 


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