7 days later

Many have read my blog post about the 40 day skin challenge!
Is time for an update about it!! 

Sooo here what my face look like after a week! 

Redness have gone down! YAY! 
But there is still a lot of spots :( that's the sad part. 

Right cheek, some spores are closing! 

Worst part of my face! The left cheek. 
Redness have went down, the bottom still have a lot of uneven but it is going away. 
Acne is slowly going away!! 

Red spots are disappearing!! 

The Fancl Tense up is really good! Im down to my last 2 bottles sadly T-T sniff sniff sniff!!
Need to spend another 61 bucks again.. or maybe I can try the DHC one...
But after I drink that I feel that my skin is less oily and better! My face is more soft and is doesn't feel tight!

In the middle of the week my face was actually peeling a lot. So on the 5th and 6th day I use a exfoliator which help to take out the dead skin! I went back using Bio-Essence one because is way better than Ginvera. To me it is much more effective while Ginvera one you can't really feel it being rub off. 

Pills wise, I think I should wait for a month to see the results. 
Currently only Claude have more results in losing weight because he took the slim fit. 

The skin around my lips is also really dry now, must be because of Nimegen!! So putting vaseline really help!! 
So going to post up after this week is over!! Hopefully all my red spots is gone by then!! 


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