ANTI THE∞HOLiC photo shoot Part 1!!
Taken in July with lawliet, Geno and Garion! 
Do not have all the photos yet!! waiting for garion batch and the pair shot! 
So this is part 1 of it!~ 

Series - Volcaloid - ANTI THE∞HOLiC 
Megurine Luka - Cutepetz (DeviantART)
Kagamine Rin - Lawliet (DeviantART
Currently all photo taken by GENO

Red contact - Fynale Honoo Lens 
Green contact - I.Fairy Ash Lens
Top lash - Those that came 10 in one box =X 
Bottom lash - Dolly wink No5 Real Nude 
Eye-shadow - LimeCrime Duchess and Crystal ball ; M.A.C Pigment Grape and Corn flower
Eye-liner - Majolica Majorca Black Eyeliner 
Lip - Candy doll Soda Pink + Orange peachy + Macaron Pink 

Forgot to paint my nails x-x!! opps!! 

This is how the eye-shadow look! Took off my wig already when I took this XD 
also Im still trying to find a better way to conceal my brows >< got thick eyebrows D8!!! and my mom will kill me if I shave them off... which I want to.....

This is the song!! Listen to it because IS GOOD! 

Really had fun in this shoot! hahaha very cooling because is in my room~~ Hur AIRCON FTW!!! 
Time to get the rest of the photos and upload the pair shot soon!!
ahhh I miss doing photoshoots~~ XD Want to do one soon!  


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