At the train station!

Another update on my China and Hong Kong trip!
This time is about the train station because is my first time ever taking a train to Hong Kong!!!
 It took us around 2 hours to get there by train and is really fun!! 
It will be even more fun if my friends are with me XD

So we arrived at the train station!

Couldn't take much photo of it because they say no photography once you are inside the train station! 

On the track going to our train!!

Back packers!! O-O I feel like doing it one day! 

Found our train and our cabin! 

I have no idea whats that number for! 

oh look 05 Is there! I still do not know whats the number for! 


and so this is our cabin!! and sadly Im taking the seat which is going the opposite direction o-o" 

Thru my window~

and there are snacks too 8D!~ Pineapple tarts!~

So this is how it looks like for almost half of the journey.. 

Pass some train stations.... reminds me of those anime mangas... 

some urban areas,...

Yea basically thats it haha!!! I was listening to my iPad most of the time! There was no wifi so I was reading my popteen and popsister magazines too.. 
I think I slept for around 30mins.. 
And the person beside me became friends with my parents so they talk for the entire trip O-O" 
Business people.... lol!



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