Garder La Foi - Your one stop for Gyaru Fashion

Love Gyaru fashion but do not know where to get the outfits? 
Not many people can fly to Japan, Taiwan or Hong Kong to get clothes there and come back. 
And Not many places in Singapore sells it too..
 (not forgetting some are freaking expensive if they do)

So introducing Garder La Foi - Your one stop for Gyaru and also Ageha Fashion! 

I got my other white dress from there and this is my second one! check it out here 
So this is my second buy and is a lovely lace white dress with a pink bow! 
Number code is GD110066 which is pre-ordered! 
Not sure if they are still going to take pre-orders for this dress again.. 

So this is my Gyaru look for the day!~ 

Full view! 
It was not as short as the first one as you can see it is almost at my knee length! 
There is a white inner liner which is really comfortable! 

Back view.

The pink bow part goes all the way round, so is like a belt! 

Paid $34.80!! and I feel is worth the amount!! Love The lace which is really comfortable!
Some lace is really uncomfortable and make you itch a lot :(

Match it with my flower headband from Taiwan and wearing my new Sakura pink I.fairy Lens!!! With candy doll and dolly wink make-up!!~ 
and to match with this outfit I wore my brown bow boots XD 

and Good news!!! 
Garder La Foi is having their 2nd Pre-order!!

This is their preview!!

Super cute!! Cannot wait for the whole list to come out!!~ 
Which will be out on 10th Sep! WAIT FOR IT!!!


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