Been wanting to blog about this but didn't!! I think is already half a year that I gotten my iPAD xD!
Is iPad1 btw!! but is still better then nothing! and I really love it!!

See even kapibara-san likes it! 

My mom and brother already had one so it was nothing new to me. but when my brother said he was going to give me one I was shock O-O! Like omg WUT?!?!?! iPAD??!??! 
And here it is... staring at me! 

I have been using it for quite a while already and WITHOUT A COVER!! Can you believe it?!?! 
Because not many places sells iPad 1 cover anymore!! Only iPad 2 !!! super piss off!!
And then my sister went to bangkok and bought me one!!! :) 
A super sweet one which she know I will love it! 

Ok I think is fake too but you know it looks nice 8D!!~~ Really sweet of her to bought me one!!! 
And with that.. now my whole family have an iPad expect my dad.. he didn't like it at all.. 
My sister change her iPad 1 to a iPad 2 instead, but I feel is really thin!! Oh well is lighter after all!

So what I do with my iPad? I PLAY FISHING JOY WITH VONT HAHAHA! 
ok most of the time..because there is VS mode and we just spam!! 

Ok now about my iPhone!! Last time my phone cover looks like this! 

WORST PHONE COVER EVER!!! It made my phone have a deep scratch!! At least that was my 3G. 

Then I got this! Just a normal pink cover! Because I wanted the flip part that make it seems like a flip phone! 

and currently my phone on the inside looks like this!! Bought a sticker for it from G-market!

Basically is this! Graskin which I found on G-market for around $5. 

They have for almost every area! 

And thus it look like this!! The back part of my phone! 

And the front part! 

Really love the colour!!~ Is just a normal sticker so I still need to buy a screen protector! 

and then I bought this too!! Is a lovely iphone cover!! really damn sweet and nice! 

Look how sweet and cute!! Got this for around $13!! It even have the side part to hang your straps!~ 

So my phone currently looks like this!! 

Bet many will ask why I actually put the pink sticker when Im going to cover it anyway. 
Well after I bought my extra battery, I need to actually take out my phone cover to put it in place.. 
So it actually look really naked without a cover XD
Thats why I put the sticker! 
and make it seems like I have a hot pink iPhone! 

G-market really has a lot of wonderful things!! But also a bad place because I tend to spend :( !!!


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