Mr foamy marshmallow facial wash! (Sponsored review)

Guimauve...~ Heard of that before?!  Is actually french for Marshmallow! 
Cute right!!~ 

But Im not going to blog about Guimauve or Marshmallow today... Is something that give you the same experience when holding one and helps your skin! 
So what could it be?!?! 

Here is Mr Foamy ( thats what I call it LOL) to give us a few words!
What did you say Mr foamy?? I don't get it?!?! What is this Ultra fine fluffy foam filled with collagen?!?!? 

Mr Foamy - THIS! 

This?!? Something new from Biore?!?!!!!! 

Oooo What this?!?! Such a cute bottle!!! 

The New Marshmallow whip facial wash from Biore
Ooo Thanks Mr Foamy! 

*Imaging things in my head right now!* hee


and TADAH! Mr foamy is out!!! 

and this is what Mr foamy wants to say! 

( I have no idea how the person can get such a nice shape like that! Prob photoshop LOL! since mine look like poo HAHAH) 

So this is how it look with one pump!! 

And mr foamy said to me, Use him on my face!!!
But I have a better plan! 



Now for a better and evil plan! Sorry Mr foamy! 



compare to this facial wash lets name it Brand Z! After putting a amount and of water and rubbing the foam is like this.

While Mr Foamy is like this! You can't even see any huge bubbles! 

it look like whipped cream to me XD 
and is still soo foamy and feels really soft!! 
 Before Mr foamy was wash away, he told me something! 
Why is it good to use him as a facial wash! 
Because using foam is way better on the skin!! and I already know that! 
For my facial wash I usually put some water first to make it foamy then use it to wash my face!
Because is the foam that cleans off the dirt of your face not the lotion! 
It spreads better, rinse off well and is more gentle and prevent
So biore facial foam is ultral fine and it has collagen enriched just like what Mr foamy said!

So how to use it?!
Just pump 2 times and place it on your hands!! 
Start off from the cheeks~ And then rub in Circular motion upwards!!
And then rinse!  

After wash my face feels really smooth and clean!! No tight feeling at all! + POINTS XD!!
Best of all it smells great~ I love that part ^^!!! 

Now you can get it at any major supermarket or medical stores like watsons at only $13.90!!
which contains 150 pumps!! << Think about how many time you can use 8D!~
After you bought it, there is actually a refill too!! 

want to know something even more cool!!
Biore made a game to win attractive prizes!!! 
You can win like H&M vouchers and many more!!

Go to now and play it!


I already tried and omg!! Is really fun but really fast!! haha make me play so many time!!

So go there now and try XD

and once again THANK YOU THE SAMPLE STORE for sponsoring ^^!~ 


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