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Back to blogging about my Guangzhou and Hong Kong trip! 
First 3 days in Guangzhou and I bought quite a lot of things! (but not as much as hk)
You can read it here

went to their wholesale shopping centre and it was super crowded!!! There was soo many shop I don't even know where to start!!! However the place I went was selling more house hold items and accessories! 
Not one shop sells clothes because they said it was another shopping centre ._." 
My mom told me different shopping centre is for different items.. One just for chairs and tables... 
another one is party stuff and stationary.. 
there also one just for accessories like necklace and hair accessories! Like WOW!!!
So was just shopping around and I came across this shop selling really pretty candles!!! 
It was so nice that is one of my gifts XD!! (hint hint) 

Me and my mom is a sucker for candles like this!! Is such a perfect gift for weddings or people who love pretty candles!

They had so many design and colours is so hard to choose!!
There are many sizes and different decorations too!

Wanted to buy a few to decorate my room with, but my mom decided to do something else with these candles! 

Really calm feeling!! 


I really love the pink!! Really light and so sweet!! 


Give that sweet and royal feeling!!! 


Perfect for weddings, don't you think so! 


Chinese new year or Chinese wedding anyone XD? 






This batch is more of the pair series and I think is more for couples and weddings!

and because is from a wholesale shopping centre!!! Is really cheap to buy from them in bulks!!!
like these tall glasses kind was around $10!! The small one was around $1 or lower!!

Took their name card and this is their website! Do check it out! 
Their email is if you ever need to contact them!  


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