Small food outing

Happen some time ago! A small outing with Cubie , Jes , Lawliet and Windy! 
After school went to meet them at sunshine plaza to eat the really good Dim Sum there! 

Takebn by jes camera!! AUTO PS-ED FTW XD!! is actually the make up mode haha 

take a look at this salted egg bun! Im still craving for it!!! 
It is really damn good! Is a die die must try!!


And Cubie order the Rice.. not sure what is it called!  

Was atucally using my blue eye-liner this time for fun XD

After while lawliet join us and we went to go have tau huay! 
Rofl and we only took photos after a while haha! 

I think this was lawliet one! LOL 

Jes bowl! the one with soya bean milk in it! 

and mine! Im going to break it into pieces already! XD!

So we went to walk around and went to orchard ion! 
And eat again ROFL! at TWG!!! 

While waiting! we camwhore!! ROFL 


LOL LAWLIET XD and my finger 

While waiting I was telling them about how my brother everytime buys TWG tea packets and he doesn't use it! I was like saying that TWG is EXPENSIVE SHIT! and at the moment.. the waiter walk pass me and over heard and ask me if Im ok HAHAHA!! It was really funny! and he was asking if im ok, everything is fine or not! 
omg!! Didn't know that he will heard that 2 word! damnit! 

So we finally got seated and we decided to order!
When the waiter was giving us the menu he said Good evening beautiful ladies! 
and Cubie reply without even looking at him Hi handsome HAHAHAH!!!! 
But I didn't get to look at his reaction! Damn!!! 

Jes with the OK pose! 

Woah I love lawliet double eye lids! 


I forgot what we choose already.. I need the book to remember... 
but I remember mine was pink flamingo or something rofl!!  
I also order chocolate croissants and Cubie order Chocolate Muffins! 
So they gave us this! Tea jelly and cream! 

Omg the tea jelly was really good!! I love it! 

Cubie Muffins!! It was really nice!! but I remember she said there was raisns inside. 

And my chocolate croissant!! which was really messy to eat them because it flakes! 

My tea!! which was a really nice shade of pink! 

If you can see the pink!

If Im not wrong this was lawliet tea which was mint or was it fruits? LOL I FORGOT !

and cubie tea. which I also forgot what she order haha!! 

But the tea was really very nice!! going to go back for more and maybe try something new. 
I really want to try the sakura tea but they didn't have it then because I think is seasonal! 
Anyone tried it yet?!!? can tell me is it nice XD?! 

Group photo! 

At the end when we were going out the waiters from TWG actually ask for our numbers O-O! Like omfg wtf?!?! saying that we were really nice or something and wanted our number.. and we can hang out with them after that.. IT WAS SOOOO AWKWARD!!! 
and also the french guy ask for Cubie name!! Hohohohoh!~~~ Really awkward but damn funny! we keep on laughing non stop!! since somehow during our dining me and Cubie keep noticing them looking at our table only and it was really funny! 


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