Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mission start!! A challenge for myself!

Some of you have been looking at my 40days skin challenge.
Im so sorry about the update after 30 days because of my school. 

Currently this is the status. It has been more than 40 days already and my face is in a better state! 
This is taken around 30 days for the challenge. Still got red spots and marks >

However now my face status is a bit bad again due to period and all the pimples came out :(
This is after a sub facial.. went to remove my blackheads, not much extraction. I am going for the full facial on wed so it will even be more red then. 

However I have given myself a new challenge. The previous challenge was to actually look better before baby came out. But this time, is a new goal... Is for my birthday and probably a life time! 
Is no more a skin challenge but a whole! 

Latest picture of me in full view is this. Well all I can say that everyone in my family is calling me fat :( 
So yes, it includes slimming as well. Somehow I feel that the DHC pill doesn't work very well if you don't work out as well so is time to work out more! 
The DHC whitening pills has some effect but really slowly. I am on my second packet now. 

So this is my challenge this time round! 

1. Slim down! 
I am currently 56.5kg and fat percentage is 22.5% , So I want to lose to at least 50kg or else at least 17% for my fat percentage. 
With that I am going to be taking a diet! 
  • very little carbohydrates! No more rice, noodles, pasta, bread, pastry and all the rest..
    ( Somehow Im really sad because no more cakes T-T pancakes and waffles... sniff.... ) [I am doing this is because my family line has cases of diabetics due to carbohydrates. So is best if I cut down too... because my mom is scared that I get it too since my dad has it :( ]   
  • More white meat! More fish and chicken. Beef and pork once in awhile. (Take out the fatty part too) 
  • More fruits and veggie. Usually pair them up with fish and chicken! 
  • Fruits or yoghurt as snacks! 
  • No soft drinks!!! 
  • No processed food!!!! 
  • Drink a lot of water. at least 8 bottles daily. 
  • No coffee 
  • Take DHC Alpha-lipo acid daily 
So my daily meal will be something like

Breakfast - 1 Granola Bar ( I choose Nature Valley brand) 
Lunch -  (When outside) Yong Tau Foo, Fish soup or Any white meat without carbos.
(When at home)  Chicken or fish with veggies usually in herb seasoning  
Snack - Fruits or Yoghurt 
Dinner - ( When at home ) Fish or Chicken fillet with carrot sticks or veggies.
(When outside) Anything as long there is no carbos. 

This will basically be my meal for at least 1 month. Then I will switch a bit... will update on that soon =)! 

2. Improve my face condition even more!!! 
As you see for my current face condition is bad again... :( been really stress about school and other matters which give me this condition!!! T^T 
I have receive new products from my Aunt so I'm applying really different products now. ( Will be blogging about the products soon!!!) 

  • Put cream daily 
  • Put eye mask three times a week 
  • Take DHC whitening pill daily
  • Always put skin optimizer before going out
  • Take 1 C-Plus-Zink daily 
  • Put sunblock when going out
My daily face routine will be something like this
 Wash face with cleanser 
Apply Dalacin on affected areas 
Apply Sunblock 
Apply Skin Optimizer 

Wash face with Cleansing Gel 
Wash face with Cleanser 
Wash face with Ex-foliating Gel 
Apply pimple cream of affected area 
Apply Soothing cream

3. Exercise and work out!  
To be a slimmer and healthier me and working out is a must! Trying to turn those fats into muscles and give myself a more tone and lean body shape! No more being lazy, I going to work out a schedule and do it with baby!  Shall follow my Mom to hot yoga too because she say is really good! 
And for the 3rd one I will be doing at home! 
  • Doing at least 30mins of work out 3 - 4 times a week
  • Run at least for 10mins 
  • Do bridging , sit ups, push ups and  jumping jacks
  • Jump 100 times before and after shower 
  • Learn yoga or go for Hot yoga twice a week 
  • Leg and arms exercise
( Will be posting my schedule and lay out soon! Baby is planning for me one )

4. Others 
The part which I have no idea where to place them but this will help. 
  • Sleep earlier, at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Put hair tonic and oil everyday 
  • Use body scrub at least twice a week to clear the dead skin away
  • Take Folic Acid tablet 1 a day
  • Use hair mask every once a week

5. Be happy 
because emotional shows on your body and face! So be happy always and you will be glowing! 
  • Learn to be positive! 
  • Be more confident in myself 

So this is what I have been doing for 5 days already!! I started on the 24th Oct 2011, Monday.
and my weight is 54.6kg and my fat percentage is 21.8%. So lets see what will be the result in 2 weeks time which I need to lose some weight for my cousin wedding!
Will be updating here and there, I apologies in advance if I didn't update sometime due to my workload in school. But I will try my very best to post photos and updates! 

Going to work hard and hope for good results 8D! 

Friday, 28 October 2011


I am so sorry to all my reader!! >< Currently I am really busy because of all my assignments which is due next week! Totally stress out for some of them !! Oh well I need to get myself together!! One more week and then is ISP for one more month.. After that is HOLIDAY!!! 

Gotten sick at the wrong period of time too :( I am really sad about that! Why can't I stay healthy during my assignments periods.. I really need to change my diet and sleeping time soon!!!! Flu flu please go away! I do not want you here! Sore throats and cough is sickening too as I can't eat whatever I want and give me sleepless night... :( 

Oh well, is back to my work again, hope every one is fine and please take care of your health! 
Raining season is back again! 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Amethystory new product range! (Sponsored review)

Is a purple day for me and there is a reason for that! 
Because there is something amazing that came in the mail which made me feel this way! 
I totally love purple and is one of my favourite colour!!! (next is pink!) 

These 3 little gifts greeted me at my door step and show me something new! 



Amethy taken from Amethyst basically means this. 
The jewel! 
A semi-precious gemstone, is a violet variety of the quartz often used in jewelry. Also well known for being February Birthstone.

Some facts : This gemstone is often believed to be a natural tranquilizer for dispelling intoxication, relieving  stress, soothing irritation, balancing mood and inspiring the intellect! Pretty cool right! 
and soooo Amethyst is well known as a natural aid for our body. It produces small, detectable magnetic field & emits beneficial far infrared radiation & negative ions that enhance circulation, promote anti-oxidation & rejuvenate skin cells, all of which are essential to help smoothen & beautify skin.

Ok basically it helps your skin :)! 

And sooo... Ginvera is introducing to us their newest product! 

Purple products!!~ Thats why Im feeling soo purple that day!!~ 
So what's so special about them?! 
Try guessing!! Here are some clues!~ 

Oh well Im nice enough to say!~ So first up, Mineral Aqua Gel! (150ml Price: $24.90)
A gel that works like Cure!!! Helps to removes cornified dead skin to give you a more radiant skin!

This is their Star product!!

So testing it out and the result! Cleaner, More radiant and no more dead skin!!
Now try it  on your face!! 

Hurry! Like this page now to receive a free sample and try it out today!! Because I say so =P 

Then there is  a foam wash! (160ml Price: $14.90)
Which is just like Mr foamy wash! ( Some how Im loving the cute bottle!)
Soft and creamy, Fluffy and foamy!

How does the foam looks like!! Tried it already and is good! 
I totally love washing my face with foam now!!! 

Lastly! The Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer! (150ml Price: $19.90)
Like a toner to me and a whitener! Use it after you wash your face and leave it! 
However to me this need time to take effect! You will not expect result immediately! 

Hopefully it will help my face have a more youthful glow and give me a more radiant look!!~ 

Because who doesn't want it!~ Everyone wants a healthy, young look everyday! 
Thank you once again to my sample store and to Amethstory!!
For letting me try these awesome product!!! 

So want to feel purple too?!?! Go and try it out and tell me what you think!! ^^ 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Candydoll makeup base and foundation review!

Product review for CandyDoll makeup base and liquid foundation!!

These are the two items that I won from shoponblog  gyaru Contest!! 

Always wanted to try them And finally got the chance to!!
One problem is that when I am buying foundation online, I never know what colour to choose. 
I am always scared that I pick one tone lighter or darker... 
So I pick 01 and hopefully that is my colour. Glad to say it matches! 

First up the makeup base.
 Love the packaging design on it!~ Is so sweet and cute. 
The CandyDoll Makeup Base has a SPF 30!
It feels watery so is really moist. It doesn't feel greasy and thick at all. 
however sometime when you lightly press it... It spills all over my cap.. 
It covers up my pores and help protect my face from the sun

I would say this is a really good base! I been using this for really long already (just didn't got the time to blog about it) And I think I will be getting it again! 

So this is how it looks like.
I really like how long lasting my makeup can hold with this base!!
After a whole day I only touch up once! 

The CandyDoll Liquid Foundation! 
I usually use Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation.
And this bottle here is a good alternative for it! 

Is long lasting, covers up most of my redness, blemishes and pores. 
Best of all I didn't have break out when I use it and I love the texture. 

Been loving Candydoll products more and more, Now all I left is to get the Powder foundation and Concealer! Then I should have everything already XD! 
One of my favourite brands now, and I saw it in Watson already! 
However these are not in watson yet only the lipgloss and lipstick are. 

However you can still get them from shoponblog

They are selling the CandyDoll makeup base at $37.90 
and the Liquid Foundation at $45.90!!

So go check it out before is sold out! 

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Last month I won 2 tickets to ActuallyActually's 'A MONSTER SHOW-- A/W'11 SHOWCASE!!!
So I invited Forrester along and we head down to The Arts House for the show!
(image intensive!) 

Went to the place and we were greeted with Monster Cupcakes!! 
They are soooooo cute!!! 

And the cupcakes are really good too! I had them before because their shop is just outside my house!
Talk about luck 8D!~ 

Already tried their chocolate chip. So decided to try their strawberry one. 

Forrester tried their chocolate fudge cupcake!

Time to eat a monster!

Forrester was high because he got champagne and I didn't wanted any! 

The crowd waiting to go in! 

The room set up! 

Got a little gift from them!~ 

Before the show!  

Our view!! Not a bad one XD

And let the show begin!~ 
At first there was some weird magician guy came out and show his tricks.. 
oh well who cares about that! 
Now the fashion walk! 

There was a section for kids!! and they were sooo cute!! 
Everyone was giggling and cheering for them, and I got to admit! They are cute!! 
Is even more funny when the guy just want to get over and done with. 
So some just walk and faster walk back. 
Really cute and funny! 

See is always the guy who want to run away first!!!

Then they started to bring out these toys! I remember long time ago I love to punch them. 

Love his expression ROFL! 

and so the stage look like this! 

and the next half of the show begin.

and the final part for the kids! 
I really want to know how old are they! 

Overall the fashion show was really cute and fun! With all the kids and models. 
The fashion was really something, I will probably buy the shirt but not those with the things stuck on to them.
My first fashion show and I really like the experience! Really hope I can go for more! 
sadly I miss the world fashion show one.. because I went to Malaysia.

This is what was in the gift bag! 
Made me feel like a kid again, but I have no idea what is kooti kooti o-o" 

BUBBLES! Love to use this a lot! 

My dressing that day, Really wanted to use my outer stripe shirt! 
Somehow I feel like a office lady because of my long pants... 

Totally love this top from Hong Kong, Should have gotten more design T-T!