I am so sorry to all my reader!! >< Currently I am really busy because of all my assignments which is due next week! Totally stress out for some of them !! Oh well I need to get myself together!! One more week and then is ISP for one more month.. After that is HOLIDAY!!! 

Gotten sick at the wrong period of time too :( I am really sad about that! Why can't I stay healthy during my assignments periods.. I really need to change my diet and sleeping time soon!!!! Flu flu please go away! I do not want you here! Sore throats and cough is sickening too as I can't eat whatever I want and give me sleepless night... :( 

Oh well, is back to my work again, hope every one is fine and please take care of your health! 
Raining season is back again! 


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  1. Ii can see your reaction from the pics on the stress level. Best of luck in the assignments and don't forget referencing and not to cut and paste or plagiarise.


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