Candydoll makeup base and foundation review!

Product review for CandyDoll makeup base and liquid foundation!!

These are the two items that I won from shoponblog  gyaru Contest!! 

Always wanted to try them And finally got the chance to!!
One problem is that when I am buying foundation online, I never know what colour to choose. 
I am always scared that I pick one tone lighter or darker... 
So I pick 01 and hopefully that is my colour. Glad to say it matches! 

First up the makeup base.
 Love the packaging design on it!~ Is so sweet and cute. 
The CandyDoll Makeup Base has a SPF 30!
It feels watery so is really moist. It doesn't feel greasy and thick at all. 
however sometime when you lightly press it... It spills all over my cap.. 
It covers up my pores and help protect my face from the sun

I would say this is a really good base! I been using this for really long already (just didn't got the time to blog about it) And I think I will be getting it again! 

So this is how it looks like.
I really like how long lasting my makeup can hold with this base!!
After a whole day I only touch up once! 

The CandyDoll Liquid Foundation! 
I usually use Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation.
And this bottle here is a good alternative for it! 

Is long lasting, covers up most of my redness, blemishes and pores. 
Best of all I didn't have break out when I use it and I love the texture. 

Been loving Candydoll products more and more, Now all I left is to get the Powder foundation and Concealer! Then I should have everything already XD! 
One of my favourite brands now, and I saw it in Watson already! 
However these are not in watson yet only the lipgloss and lipstick are. 

However you can still get them from shoponblog

They are selling the CandyDoll makeup base at $37.90 
and the Liquid Foundation at $45.90!!

So go check it out before is sold out! 


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