Chez Belle : Nails and Beyond

Recently I been doing my nails at Chez Belle, A cozy little nail shop in Pandan Valley. 
You can check them out on their website here.  
Also do join their facebook for news and updates!!

The shop is located at the side where there is a spiral staircase leading to the place. 

 and you will be greeted with this beautiful decorated place.

So I went there to do a full Medi and Pedi! 
First up, washing your leg with hot water! 

If the water is too hot (which is always for me) you can request for it to be cooler XD! 

Cannot wait for my nails to be done!!

During the service they will offer tea or water~ 

They also gave me a cupcake for my visit ^^!~ 

=X reading magazine scans while doing my nails! 

Pedicure came with these!!~ I love the colours!! 
The purple is a scrub and the blue one is lotion. Really nice scented too! 

Guess what colours am I going to put on my toes!~ 


and for my nails, Im doing to do some cute nail art! 
First the base! 

and final outcome! 

 My sweet looking nails for my cousin ROM!!~ 

Overall the service is really good! The staff is really friendly and patient, they are willing to take almost any request I ask for! They have almost all the new colours of OPI and a lot of colour acrylic powder!

One thing I must say... I LOVE THE COMFY CHAIRS XD!!! I had a really comfortable time there and feel so pampered! The service, the environment and the place.. just make it so nice to relax! 

and now~ Great news for my readers!! 
Just quote my name "Denise Wee" and you will get 15% discount!! 
So hurry and go make your appointment right now!!~~ 

Chez Belle - Nails and Beyond 
2 Pandan Valley 
#01-205 (Mezzanine Floor)
Singapore 597626
Tel : 64667571

*ample free parking available 


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