High tea at Tea Cozy (closed)

Went to Tea Cozy with Cassandra one day and that was her first time going for such thing!
So I wanted to give her a good experience, and the place was perfect! 
We ordered the Tea Cozy Supreme High Tea set which is $29.95++ for 2! 
Totally worth it. Is my second time having it already! 

While waiting for our set to come, we chatted a lot and of course, CAMWHORED! 
And our first set arrived! 
Luckily, this time we got the pretty flower cup!! The last time i was here, they didn't have enough and I got a plain one sadly.. But I'm happy I got this one now!! Soooo sweet!!! 

This is Cassie's teacup! Really pretty too!!! Omg I so want to buy a set and put it in my bed room!! 

Cassie looking totally happy and excited! 

Raisin Scones!~ With cream, butter and jam! 

3 piece cake! Brownie, chocolate cake and carrot cake! 
This is random, last time I came there was orange cake too~ 

Seafood set - Prawn and Foie Gras! 

Non-seafood set =X The mushroom was seriously awesome, still wondering how to make it! 

Its bacon strips on the bread in the back! 

and the other thing different is the salmon! 

Foie Gras!!! Basically that is goose liver! 
Both set comes with it and is super nice!! 

and its Cassie's first time trying it! Rofl, should totally have taken a picture of her face when I told her is was goose liver! 
She was like "EHHHEEWWWWW!! DUNWAN!!" But totally convinced her that it was sooo awesome that she needs to try it!!! XD 

Can tell she was resisting at first =X Oi! I don't mind eating that for you! 

...... almost there~

=D See, I so good intro her nice food! Hahaha until she wanted to eat mine!! 
Then she was like asking me to come to tea cozy in the future just to eat foie gras! ROFL!!! 
Its totally like melt in your mouth!! Is so damn awesome!! Need to thanks baby for introducing it to me! 

Had a fun time at Tea Cozy with Cassie!!! Next time we are going to try other places!! 
Trying to hunt for another good high tea place! Any recommendations?! XD

Our dressing on that day XD Totally happy that I found my white long shirt from hongkong! 
Totally love it to bits!!~ Now if only I can find one with sleeves though.


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