I.fairy lens overlook

I have been doing I.fairy and Fynale lens batches for quite some time already
and Im going to open one again ^^!! 
Because I really love the contacts!!! 

Going to show you some of the lens I bought and wore! 

I.fairy Ash Green, One of my favourite lens! I keep on wearing this. 
You can totally see the green clearly and is really comfortable! 

Then there is the super crystal blue!! It doesn't have the black rim and the colour really comes out! 

Snow brown! Because is brown, I feel the colour is very natural 
but the enlarging effect is really good! 

Ash grey! Totally love this lens too! 

Sakure Pink! In photos it look really nice, But I feel that the pink doesn't really show much. 
It almost reminds me of hanabi series. which I don't really like. 

My new lens! Which is not i.fairy but is kimchi lens!
Viva Violet! 
Not too bad.. but feel I cannot really see the violet in this lens. 
Unless you got a bright light.

Going to try Geo and Bambi lens next. Or maybe even kimchi Mermaid.. It look pretty cool!!
If you want to get any lens just email me!! or go here chocolatemagasin.weebly.com
closing this 16th Oct!! ^^!! 


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