Last month I won 2 tickets to ActuallyActually's 'A MONSTER SHOW-- A/W'11 SHOWCASE!!!
So I invited Forrester along and we head down to The Arts House for the show!
(image intensive!) 

Went to the place and we were greeted with Monster Cupcakes!! 
They are soooooo cute!!! 

And the cupcakes are really good too! I had them before because their shop is just outside my house!
Talk about luck 8D!~ 

Already tried their chocolate chip. So decided to try their strawberry one. 

Forrester tried their chocolate fudge cupcake!

Time to eat a monster!

Forrester was high because he got champagne and I didn't wanted any! 

The crowd waiting to go in! 

The room set up! 

Got a little gift from them!~ 

Before the show!  

Our view!! Not a bad one XD

And let the show begin!~ 
At first there was some weird magician guy came out and show his tricks.. 
oh well who cares about that! 
Now the fashion walk! 

There was a section for kids!! and they were sooo cute!! 
Everyone was giggling and cheering for them, and I got to admit! They are cute!! 
Is even more funny when the guy just want to get over and done with. 
So some just walk and faster walk back. 
Really cute and funny! 

See is always the guy who want to run away first!!!

Then they started to bring out these toys! I remember long time ago I love to punch them. 

Love his expression ROFL! 

and so the stage look like this! 

and the next half of the show begin.

and the final part for the kids! 
I really want to know how old are they! 

Overall the fashion show was really cute and fun! With all the kids and models. 
The fashion was really something, I will probably buy the shirt but not those with the things stuck on to them.
My first fashion show and I really like the experience! Really hope I can go for more! 
sadly I miss the world fashion show one.. because I went to Malaysia.

This is what was in the gift bag! 
Made me feel like a kid again, but I have no idea what is kooti kooti o-o" 

BUBBLES! Love to use this a lot! 

My dressing that day, Really wanted to use my outer stripe shirt! 
Somehow I feel like a office lady because of my long pants... 

Totally love this top from Hong Kong, Should have gotten more design T-T! 


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